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The struggle for the Palestinian popular memory 

The ongoing Palestinian return march, which started 30. March, and has gathered tens of thousands of Palestinians, is a message to Israel and the international community that Palestinians maintain the demand for the right to return to their homeland.

A group of elderly people have met at the border between the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories. They carry the keys to what was once their homes in 1948. They ponder and talk to one another about their former – but now lost – villages, trees, orchards, the history of escape and the loss of their loved ones during the great relocation.

This scene and others take place during the big return march organized to mark the 42. the year of the Palestinian "country day". It was the day when Israeli forces killed six Palestinians in 1976, following protests against Israeli confiscation of their territories.

The demonstrations – which have gathered tens of thousands of protesters since it began on March 30 – are a response to Israel's refusal to give refugees the right to return home. . .

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Hamada Hamada Fajer
Hamada is a freelancer for New Time from Gaza.

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