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The fight continues

There are many opinions on the strategies of the left. Halvor Finess Tretvoll's essay last week has started the debate.


Last week, Halvor Finess Tretvoll had an essay in Ny Tid entitled "The struggle for the soul of the left". Here he claimed that the left has had problems with its own self-understanding ever since the right-wing wave hit the world around 1980, and that parts of it have succumbed to nostalgia, nationalism and conservatism. The entire essay can be read in Samtiden 3/2005, which was published this week.

He criticized, among other things, Rune Slagstad's concept of "socialism in Norwegian", the refusal of leftist intellectuals such as Dag Solstad and Bjørgulv Braanen to take postmodernism seriously, and that Attac had the fight against pension reform as one of its main issues.


- Yes, parts of the Norwegian left are very nationalistic, says Thomas Hylland Eriksen in a comment to Tretvoll's post.

- There has long been stagnation where there should have been new thinking. The left has lacked the ability to take on the implications of the transnational issues. Take a thinker like Slagstad: He has never spoken. . .

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