Can Islam be modernized?

Kosovo Albanian Sylo Taraku fled to Norway when Yugoslavia collapsed. For several years he has been an important participant in various debates about how people of Muslim background, both believers and secular, can find a place in Western countries. This can be attacked in several ways, such as how we meet those who come. In this book, however, the theme and the need for a reform of Islam is the theme.

Taraku gives a brief introduction to the historical background of today's conflicts between the West and Islam, after which much of the book consists of interviews with Norwegian and foreign intellectuals and representatives from Muslim communities. These conversations illuminate the problem from different perspectives and mean that Taraku does not have to write a long pamphlet.

Politics and religion

However, there was no doubt that Islam is in a crisis, and that in the short term it is about how Muslims must find a way to practice their faith that is compatible with democracy and human rights. The interconnection of politics and religion within. . .

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