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Can political theater change Gaza?

Political theater is booming in Gaza, which is thirsty for anything that can contribute to change.


For decades, Palestinians standing in long queues in front of emergency centers have been a common sight in Gaza. The reason is the rising unemployment.

At the same time, another type of queue has emerged. It can be observed in front of other centers, mainly cultural centers. The people in the queues are not waiting for relief, but for plays.

It is going slowly, but there is still an increase in the number of cultural events in Gaza, which is attracting an ever-growing audience. This is particularly true of local films, concerts, and eventually also theatrical performances involving political satire. Especially young people show interest in the cultural events – young people who have been subjected to a lot of suffering over the years, and who seek relief from tragedies, wars and blockades.

The satirical performances have emerged at the initiative of a group of young artists working to revitalize political theater in Palestine, after years of complete cessation due to the political. . .

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