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Can black humor make life easier?

If the people of Gaza breathe in some black humor, it can fuel the belief in change through popular resistance, a Palestinian humor writer believes.


"Some live in tents, others in schools and caravans, while unity and reconstruction may be possible in dreams."
With this sarcastic and popular lyrics, comedian Ayoub sums up the situation of the Palestinians on the Gaza Strip in an 4: 28 minute clip on his YouTube channel.
Ayoub's video clip, which was uploaded in November 2014, uses sarcasm to say something about the situation in Gaza as it is after the 51 days-long war last summer, and after loud promises of reconstruction that have not gone away.
Ayoub is 39 years old and a popular comedian who talks about the people's steadfastness during the Israeli aggression, and wonders if the rewards after such a war should be homelessness and a perpetually postponed reconstruction process. The song states: “People defied the aggression and challenged the bombs of the fighter jets. Why should they be tortured – were they guilty? "
The people of Gaza have long experienced a series of crises: power outages, fuel shortages, border closures, high unemployment and high poverty, as well as hopeless political and economic conditions.
"Comic songs aim to allay citizens' concerns, and urge them to express themselves without restrictions or fear of being arrested because of how they feel about a desperate reality," Ayoub told Ny Tid.

Depression. Actor and screenwriter Ali Abu Yassin believes that the people of Gaza want smiles and laughter after both have long shone with their absence. Therefore, there is room for the many artistic attempts to create black humor – which reflects Palestinian reality in a comic way, he believes. "Theater and other art in Gaza often deal with material in a very serious way, due to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. . .

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