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An economic system based on slave labor

CARIBBEAN CHILDREN: Alexander Hamilton's upbringing on the Danish sugar colony island of St. Croix marked his policy as the United States' first finance minister and one of the founders of the United States. He was particularly interested in slaves – and what traces did slavery leave on the island?

At first glance, memories St. Croix. in the Caribbean about a mixture of Jamaica, Kolkata and Gran Canaria. In the capital Christiansted, there are more or less maintained remains of the Danish colonial period (1733–1917) with the characteristic Romanesque arches that also adorned Norway's capital Christiania. On the semi-dry patches of grass along the roads outside the city, lean horses graze. Plants penetrate windows and doors in abandoned houses, and many buildings lack street signs and house numbers, making it difficult to find my first destination: 34 Company Street, one of Alexander Hamilton's childhood homes.

Hamilton, with whom I first fell in love when I took a course in American history at San Francisco State University, was one of the founders of the United States, co-author of the Constitution and Federalist Papers, and the country's first. . .

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Hilde Susan Jaegtnes
Author and screenwriter for film and television.

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