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The bloody blasphemy heritage of the colonial lords

This month's support mark in honor of an Islamist killer is rooted in an obscure and brutal history – and also shows the deep divide that characterizes many Pakistani communities. It is important not to make the divisions bigger.

Foucault's tool box

Foucault's concepts are a brilliant overview for Foucault enthusiasts.

Strong and long-awaited testimonials

By documenting the all-too-well-known international law case against Iran, the documentary provides an important and outrageous insight into the system's ongoing sitting systematic breach of human rights. 

The creation of a serial killer

In the documentary The Confessions of Thomas Quick, Sture tells Bergwall himself how he got psychiatrists, investigators and the judiciary to believe that he was Sweden's answer to Hannibal Lecter.

The book requires a certain appetite for the theme

Martín Caparrós rages at the fact that billions of people go to bed hungry every night. 

It is easy to arrange election campaigns to the west and point the nose to the realms. But...

I do not follow NRK's ​​historical reality success, Anno, where people are set to live in Fredrikstad around the year 1700. But on P2's ...

"But then there's the bottom line again when all the other, non-aesthetic considerations ...

We all have an "instinctive" taste. Quality understanding. The concept of quality in contemporary art and culture makes us reflect on this.

The official Russian propaganda narrative fits into the distressed Western Cold War narrative, which we ...

Putin made the living room for western homes – a more grateful task than it may immediately seem.

To die for the world is to be born fully into life

Simone Weil's thoughts on vulnerability as the basic figure for political thinking, we find today with philosophers such as Agamben, Rancière and Butler.

Norwegian left side's inability to see the world we live in

Glucksmann has many and innovative ideas to save Europe from renationalisation.

Snowden in the art room at the Whitney Museum

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras places the "war on terror" within the museum's four walls.

To think with the eye

Eric Alliez: The Brain-Eye: New Histories of Modern Painting Rowman & Littlefield International, 2015 Philosophers who have written about visual art have traditionally not been able to ...

Our journalist was assaulted at the border with Chechnya

Our journalist Øystein Windstad is attacked on the border between Ingushetia and Chechnya.

security tyranny

Our humanity is gradually wiped out as security measures increase. 

The murder of Palme

Olof Palme was shot down and killed on an open street in Stockholm late on the evening of February 28, 1986. The news of the murder came as a shock to many. It was to develop into a trauma and nightmare for Sweden. The incident hangs like a stain on the police and judiciary to this day. In 2016, it is 30 years since the crime was committed.

Editor with life as effort

How free is the press in the former military dictatorship? Ny Tid spoke with Myanmar's perhaps most independent newspaper editor who is also critical of Norwegian support. 

Economic collapse – Norway's rescue?

Norway is like a patient waiting for the settlement with his own corrupt lifestyle.

Norway lends billions to dictatorships

Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates bomb hospitals, schools and refugee camps in Yemen – and receive loans from Norway. 

The end of democratic Israel?

The nation-state is becoming a saga. 

Is Donald Trump fascist?

He plays on the fears and moods that characterize American society. But does it make sense to call him a fascist?

Fear boycott and exclusion of the Oil Fund

Ethical guidelines for Norwegian lending can mean trouble for the Norwegian Oil Fund.

"Grave journalism is threatened"

The OSCE Representative for Press Freedom and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression are concerned about the growing surveillance threat to journalists.

NATO shows muscle

Will the doomsday clock move closer to twelve? Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons, and NATO is now arming along Russia's borders. 

Asia's most vulnerable boat refugees

The stateless Rohingya live under inhumane conditions in the border areas, on refugee boats and as prisoners in slave camps. The authorities pretend that they do not exist. 

Power is shifted in Africa

While the Arab Spring is characterized by stagnation, a quiet revolution is under way in Sub-Saharan Africa.