Theater of Cruelty

Verdier – do you think so?

Where do the values ​​come from? Perhaps one comes closest by saying that they express the human community. If that's right, hurting others will be hurting themselves, writes Steinar Lem.

Compensation scheme for predator damage

Open letter to Hallgeir Langeland about the predator debate.

Be my hero!

Do you ever wonder how you can become a better person? There are simple actions that can make you a hero. You...

No more chamber monopoly

When this year's Oslo Chamber Music Festival tones in on 15-24. August, it's like one of many chamber music festivals – it's no longer alone on the market, ...

Sober dangerous

Merethe Lindstrøm has written a book about being afraid of your loved ones and enduring it without being able to

Africa as the Garden of Eden

What on earth has happened when a female black detective becomes ideal for white book buyers?

A European alternative?

Europe is forced into the co-pilot seat of international politics.

In the violence of the witches

Witch doctors hinder democratic development in Tanzania. This makes Norwegian aid projects extra vulnerable.

The ambitions of the Raelians

Clonaid's ambitions do not stop producing cloned babies.

Geography of asbestos

Asbestos has long been far more dangerous in the Nordic countries than in the rest of Europe. Asbestos has gradually become equally dangerous in Europe (west of Russia), the United States and South Africa.

President Uribe humiliated in referendum

Neither whip nor carrot enticed Colombians to say yes to President Uribe's proposal in Saturday's referendum.

If the Poles come

Solidarity with Polish labor immigrants must mean that they are offered the same pay and working conditions as Norwegian workers.

The people on the left, the politics on the right

The rapid shifts in voters' party preferences, and the Christian People's Party's choice of right-wing partners in Norwegian politics have created the absurd situation that while ...

Sold pirate fish

The Ålesund company Drevik International admits buying and selling pirate fish which the EU rejected.

Mouth and hoof disease: An animal plague takes its revenge

Countries that vaccinate their animals against foot-and-mouth disease are "unclean." Since they are vaccinated, they must also have the disease, is the logic. This means that they cannot export to "pure" markets. In 1990, the EU decided that they would belong to the "pure" countries. The way they did it was to ban all vaccination of animals. And the result? The export of meat went straight to heaven, and so did the profits.

Lacks knowledge of Iran

NCRI and Mojahedin are fast gathering 50.000 people in Europe. How many other exile-Iranian groups do it?

Hoping for a better life

The old regime, that is, the Communists, has completely taken over the rule of Mongolia.

Global Map

The debate on trade and development creates new dividing lines. We need new political maps.

Unprepared politicians send 180 off in vacancy

The county politicians in Østfold had not done homework, which is why at least 180 employees in Norgesbuss probably lost their jobs. All in order for the county to save a whopping DKK 100.000 a year.

China saves Africa

This week's China visit to eight African countries has in turn triggered Norwegian companies' negative reactions.


Kristin Halvorsen manifests herself as a value politician and SV as a party in a new book.

The whispering opposition

The Russian opposition is paralyzed by an ingrained, inherited, Freudian fear.

40 years with Sgt. Pepper

Summer 1967 released the Beatles album which should turn upside down for the most part.

Harder asphalt

Buds no longer burst, they explode.

Longer, higher, faster

After 13 years, Sigrid Undset days have now become Norway's leading literature meeting place.