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Bush celebrates Ramadan

Even the US George W. Bush this fall has set a good example in cultural understanding.


The word race is used in several places on the Labor Party website. Just a miss, says Bjarne Håkon Hanssen.

Norway at war

It's time to call a spade a spade.

The hatred of Jews and Muslims

In today's Norway we cannot fight the hatred of the Jews without also settling the delusions of the Muslim minority. And vice versa.

Double unfair

What will the government and the Trade Campaign respond to the challenge from Brazil's President Lula da Silva?

- Yes, there are conflicts of interest

In this week's essay in Ny Tid, it is claimed that Norwegian agricultural subsidies pave the way for massive dumping of agricultural products, and that the Trade Campaign supports this. Aksel Nærstad, you are the spokesman for the Trade Campaign. What is your immediate reaction to this initiative from The Future in Our Hands, the Joint Council for Africa and Norwegian Church Aid?

Independent out of the Duma

– The Independents will be pushed out of the Duma in the Russian election 2. December, predicts Aage Storm Borchgrevink.

The wall is sponsored by…

Sports 110-meter-not-answer-question has got a new top athlete:


After two weeks as Minister of State, Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen seeks to give Norway new perspectives: more female fishermen in Northern Norway. And Russian-speaking children should now be seen as a resource.


This week's World Music Festival should be the last of its kind.

A cat's confessions

The Gerd-Liv Vallas Process provides a rare insight into the "monster's" reflections.

truth Prophet

Few Norwegians can write a mid-life biography based on a dozen daily wars and conflicts. Jan Egeland is perhaps the only one.

Inhuman disorders

"A hell on earth," says the Buddhist monk and freedom fighter Ven. Backstage about time in Chinese prison.

Our honor and our power

StatoilHydro stands ready as a locomotive for Norwegian interests on a foreign continental shelf. But will the ideals behind the creation of the state companies be included in the adventure? Stockman is currently the final chapter of the company's overseas adventure, an adventure that can be more exciting than its reputation can withstand.

Environment guy

Business Summit Jens Ulltveit-Moe believes that conservation organizations are in practice a hindrance in the fight against global warming.

Race against the moon

The toughest plays in the climate debate are the least credible.

Breakers that unite

What is the similarity between Jan Kjærstad and Pakistani Hadiqa Kiani? Next week we will get the answer.

Turbo Theology

After 17 years as Norway's foremost circus band, Turboneger still provokes the cultural elite. Why?

The text of terror

We are still waiting in fear for 11. September 2001, such as Don DeLillo?

The art of changing the world

Cosmoculture will show how culture intervenes in politics, not only when it is openly political.

Europe splits again

10. December December Kosovo declares itself independent, while Scotland and the Basque Country are on their way. Belgium's citizens believe the country is disintegrating. The Europe map must be drawn again. The EU gathered 19. October on a new "constitution" while the continent is divided. In 1989 there were 30 countries in Europe, in 2007 it was 48, and there are more.

The election campaign of scandals

Here you will find out why the election campaign 2007 was not about environment and climate. Not until distressed this past week.

Our vampire wins

The investigation into Anna Politkovskaya's murderers is a far cry. Putin is the winner.


Unfortunately, the Left helps its value proponents in the Frp by excluding cooperation with Ap and SV.

Queen Cristina of Argentina

25.may 2003, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner stood on the balcony of the La Rosada Palace crying tears of joy because her husband won the presidential election. Sunday 28. October they change roles on the balcony.