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Norway participates in the design of the EU army

The Danish government must ask the people for permission to join a joint EU army. Norway sent a Secretary of State announcing that Norway is actively participating in this planning. Without the Storting or the people having said theirs.

The necessary criticism

How do you criticize what should be criticized without simultaneously violating what should be protected? This is in many ways the issue of criticism of Islam.

Sneak talk, no thanks

How good is it to talk about things? "Speeches" can be read as a rapture against the deafening consensus that it is good to get "put into words".

The latest Moscow process

The last major political process under the Stalin regime took place in 1952. It was the culmination of Stalinist anti-Semitism. Moreover, the defendants behaved differently than in the well-known viewing processes of the 1930s.

What happened to britpop?

While the glitter days of British pop are summed up on collectibles, there is no longer any doubt that today's British rock is in deep crisis.

Referendum on the state church?

Should the future of the state church be decided through an advisory referendum? Yes, believes the head of the church council, Thor Bjarne Bore, who says to Dagsavisen that such a vote should ...

Downtown collection?

Two years before Ap, SV and Sp will form a new majority in Norwegian politics, the Labor Party is making a budget with the Right. A warning that a cooperative government on the left is not a necessary consequence of a new majority in 2005?

It's about film!

"The prince of darkness," should be the headline, and a shadowy picture of a black-clad Tommy Lørdhal in front of the poster for the Oslo International Film Festival should illustrate it all. "Idiot," Lørdahl said.

When the euro project breaks

The European Commission demands that German state spending be cut by NOK 50 billion next year – and that the German government explains how it will happen by 9 January. Similar requirements are imposed on France. Both countries are reporting civil disobedience.

The next regime in Iraq is, eh, the Ba'ath party?

Iraqis have long feared it: Saddam Hussein and his party may be on their way back.

Historical lawsuit against Texaco's oil spill

In a tired oil town in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the US judiciary has forced oil giant Texaco to address the oil spill that has poisoned the health and livelihoods of Indians for two decades.

Left in Latin America: A Modern Socialism in the Annunciation

In South America, a new form of socialism is taking shape: Its most important characteristic is autonomy – the right of self-determination.

Power customers like the state budget dairy cow

The government greedily supplies Statkraft's profits. Now they have received help from the Labor Party to squeeze half a billion more out of the company that was once to become Norway's power giant in the European power market.

The woman's place is in the trade union movement!

In Mozambique, women work to get their fellow sisters into the trade union movement. But it is far ahead.

Loss of jobs results in fewer trade unions

Support for the trade union movement in Mozambique has been steadily declining since privatization began.

Sober dangerous

Merethe Lindstrøm has written a book about being afraid of your loved ones and enduring it without being able to

Hard to face SF

It is an annoyed Jens A. Riisnæs who extends towards SF and SV in a new issue of Samtiden.

Conservative populist won the election in Guatemala

Guatemala's next president is most likely named Oscar Berger. After winning almost 38 percent of the votes in Sunday's election, he is likely to win the second round of elections on December 28. Ex-dictator Rìos Montt, who also ran for election, is isolated.

- We are on a nuclear weapons slide

– The new nuclear weapons are so usable that they are very tempting to use, says newly elected leader of the No to nuclear weapons, Ingrid Eide.

Important retreat from the government

The government parties' retreat in the matter of temporary employment is a significant victory for Norwegian workers, given that the parties are firmly in the ...

Afraid of new robber states

France is gearing up.

Willard's will

Not even Carl I. Hagen has become the object of his own hate organization. Valgerd Svarstad Haugland has probably asked for a lot of noise, but when the accounts are to be settled, it is the fiercest opponents, and not Valgerd himself, who should have the passport written down. For example, it may say "hostile to women".

Uncertainty about showering in Oslo schools

Many schoolchildren want exemption from showering after gym hours at school – for cultural reasons or because they are shy. The Ministry of Education has sent out various signals about which rules apply.

A song for Buskerud

The people have returned to Thure Erik Lund.

American divorce in French manner

"Le Divorce" is witty, but keeps the silk gloves on.