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Drivers worth more than drug addicts

The state provides crumbs for substance abuse prevention in relation to road safety, despite the fact that as many people die from overdose as on motorways. "This shows that drug addicts are poorly behaved and harassed in every respect," says John Alvheim, chairman of the Storting's social committee.

Ex-addicts do not get insurance

Addicts must have been drug-free for five years before they can take out insurance. – Stigmatization, says outreach manager Tommy Husebye.

Election compromise created bitterness

For three days, the nomination committee at the SV national meeting negotiated on the composition of the new central board. By the time the Sunday meeting was over, the compromise was almost in place. And the bitterness to touch and feel. In exchange for a promise from central network members that the network will be shut down, the SV leadership agreed to evict supporters from the central board.

Oil fund without morals

The Norwegian Oil Fund is investing money in the Rio Tinto mining group to which the US Pension Fund reacts strongly. In addition, Norwegian oil money is invested in companies that make land mines, ammunition with depleted uranium and tobacco.

Albanian wound opened in the Balkans

Everything is going so much better now, both in Yugoslavia and Bosnia. But it is precisely the positive developments that can create a new war in the Balkans.

At Rozenheuvel there are no poison syringes…

From the book "Seduced by Death" by Herbert Hendin.

Bumps against the current

Johanne Reutz lost to the Labor Party because she was a woman, but stands back as a winner in history, says author Randi Aas.

Always countercurrent

A Norway that falls flat for the US and the EU. And an SV that goes after Ap. Finn Gustavsen still dislikes servility. Yesterday he turned 75 years.

When the body says stop

The man's physical size imposes on him the ethical responsibility our fragile civilization rests upon.

The war is not yet over

Who really believed that depleted uranium could not be used in the war on Kosovo when used with "luck" in Iraq?

Community graveyard

The community is dead, but who wants to bury it?
At the Washington meeting on September 13, 1993. Copy of private photo photographed by Yossi Beilin (Photo :: Truls Lie)

Why did it go wrong?

The riots in the past few weeks in the Middle East may be the end of the Oslo Agreement, but hopefully the beginning of something new and better, we believe Edward Said.

Friends and enemies

A sober chamber play about the betrayal and friendship of Hungarian Sándor Márai.

- Politicians must be on the school bench

– In last year's election campaign, politicians rediscovered the school, but they also revealed their superficial knowledge, says Rune Slagstad. In the book "The House of Knowledge" he takes the politicians to school.

ABC Hemingway for women

Ernest Hemingway was a wet swordfish!

A permanent transition time?

Prophetic essays by Umberto Eco without news value