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opinion run

Debate books include the bestseller lists, but is the public enriched or have the books been tabloidized?

Jesus at Disney World

What happens when you exchange Mickey Mouse with Jesus and his friends?

A political emergency cabinet

The West embraces the new government. But there is something quite different from the smell of democracy that is now spreading across the Middle East.

Another screen shot

France 24 and Al-Jazeera have taken up the fight against the Anglo-American worldview of the BBC and CNN. More and more global TV channels are investing in the web to provide their version of the world. While Norway is shutting the world out on the digital terrestrial network this fall, global TV channels are posting free online to win the battle for how the world is understood.

The Emperor's New Trees?

Norwegian companies are not allowed to use CO2 quotas from forest projects in developing countries in their climate accounts. – A victory, says the World Natural Fund.

Fast, cheap and bad

Add the idea of ​​bad kindergartens broke. Some are responsible.

- Ethnic cleansing in Colombo

– The police's deportation of Tamils ​​from Colombo to the war zones in Sri Lanka is ethnic cleansing, says the head of the Norwegian Tamil Forum.

Price Inflation

Often awards are more about the distributor than the recipient.

Value Creation 2.0

Web 2.0 is changing the world of work. Websites such as Facebook place new demands on our digital expertise.

Sentenced because he is different?

When the disabled Mikkel Stray is to serve a prison sentence this summer, the family believes he is being subjected to a judicial murder. Why was Mikkel Stray convicted without the court appointing an expert? And why can't he get a social penalty?

Memory words about Ingolf Håkon Teigene

In the afternoon 12. June came the announcement of Ingolf Håkon Teigen's sudden passing away.

Does practice change?

Prime Minister Bjarne Håkon Hanssen is considering a change of practice.

Weakened confidence

The police should themselves want an examination of their use of violence.

Longer, higher, faster

After 13 years, Sigrid Undset days have now become Norway's leading literature meeting place.

Political Southern Tour

Professor Berge Furre opens doors in Brazil to tourists with cultural and economic capital. The Canary Islands and Mallorca are remote. Now it is travel with political sting that applies – for those who have enough money.

A strategist at sunset

Tron Øgrim traveled from Mao's China to Silicon Valley on an ideological fad.

Jewish Judas?

– There is no "new anti-Semitism", according to controversial Norman G. Finkelstein, current with the book For the Defense of Israel?

- King criticism shoots over targets

The King can comment on political issues, but not party politics, says Inge Lønning (H).

Africa promises itself

The G8 countries have broken their African promises. Yet many African countries are doing better than they have been in a long time.

Wrong medicine

SV won the match against the age limit for marriage, but the compromise is just as bad.

- PFU does not consider ethics

The Press's Academic Committee ignores ethics and only considers technology, says Paul Bjerke.

Fuck for Africa

There are many ways to save the world.

Tranquility, tranquility for fishing

Did Janne Haaland Matlary think she was with Tore Skoglund in Rorbua?

Sex on the box

When sex becomes exercise, it loses meaning.

More cannon fodder

Yet another reminder that there is unparalleled authorship.