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The lies that never die

The strained relationship between Japan and China is exacerbated by Japanese forgery.

Oil in – aid out

Norwegian People's Aid wants Norway's oil surplus into a development aid fund.

Don't trust UDI

The government can now go to court to deprive a person of Norwegian citizenship.

The Heavy Water War

Why wouldn't Kristin Halvorsen tell who Norway sells heavy water to?

Football is from China

Football is not just round. It also comes from China!

Out on wild roads

The new Foreign Ministry (Foreign Ministry) under Jonas Gahr Støre and Erik Solheim's leadership receives a lot of praise in the Norwegian press. That is the limited reason.

Defenders of freedom of speech

Fun-Da-Mental touches my militant Muslim heart with their new album. But is it good?

Caught in freedom

Norwegian publishers are hunting for the great immigrant novel, but dare not take a chance on the immigrant writers we already have.

Love in the age of fundamentalism

Latest news: Muslim women are also thinking about sex.

On wild roads?

Norsk Hydro's heavy water production was completed in 1988. Nevertheless, Norwegian exports of the product that can be used to make nuclear weapons continue.

Recipe for breakdown

Thanks to Europe and the United States, many in Hamas will resort to weapons again.

Assistance under the table

Norwegian aid money reaches the Palestinians through disputed back channels.

Principal Hanssen

We who believed that a red-green government should mean a more humane refugee policy now believe again.

technology Skeptics

Every time something new happens on the stairs. Skeptics join. Development opponents. Those who see problems before the solutions.

Time for racial slurs

Here is the story you can't read in Norwegian newspapers: 11. in May Hans van Themsche (18) went into an arms shop in Antwerp, Belgium. He bought a hunting rifle and went on «immigrant hunting»:

Norway's last taboo

The Norwegian word exchange on whaling is characterized by feelings, lack of knowledge and ignorance.

Just a loser

Enzensberger is a headless rooster that showers with feathers.

Pigeons and pirates

I have diamonds under the shoe soles, but have to cross the creek for water.

The television steps book harvest

You don't have to be a journalist or TV guy to publish a book this fall. But it helps.

Explosive neighborly quarrel

North Korea is the hub of conflicts in Northeast Asia revolving around. It could end in nuclear disarmament.

The city that refuses to die

Beirut was known for its wild parties and vibrant cultural life. Now the umbrella drinks are gone, but the people are hoping for a new heyday. Before Israel's bombing, Beirut was about to rise. Residents hope the city can again become an economic, cultural and intellectual center in the Middle East.

Ultra-conservative election offensive

The ultra-conservative forces in Iran may conquer the last shot.

Decorated with deadly stone

Norway will not stop imports of Chinese granite, even if workers die.

Find something else!

Think carefully before choosing to work as a teacher. It is not you who pays the price if you do not go.

The peacemaker Muhammad

Forget Mother Theresa, Mandela and Gandhi. Muhammad is our role model.