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The old man at Hvaler

Cuba is a state in Østfold.

Want to teach Brazil about the rule of law

Erik Solheim's background note for the Latin America voyage is met with laughter and head-shaking in Brazil.

Coming out of the chamber

At the Norwegian Chamber Music Festivals, the musicians decide.

New pollutant policy now!

What do breast milk and gulls, ministers and cell phones have in common? All contain dangerous chemicals.

A different war

The war in Lebanon is anything but a new revolution in an old conflict.

On spiritual view

Two days is all you need to get around the biggest religions in the world. But how high is it really under the roof?

Going crazy

Arnold Schwarzenegger now secures record numbers for stem cell research in the United States.

Blogs across borders

Israeli and Lebanese bloggers don't just scream at each other. Some carpenters peace agreements. The bloggers participated from the first moment in the Middle East war. But in between hatred and misery, there is talk of peace: "If we try to understand each other better, maybe we can build a better future where each one of us can enjoy life – this I say to Israelis too," writes the Lebanese woman " Loli »at Lebanesebloggers.blogspot.com. 45 percent of Israel's population is online, while among Lebanese, 13 percent.

A failed criticism

Just when we thought Israel had lost its opinion, Jostein Gaarder came to the aid of the warlords.

Better than hip

BlackBook magazine seeks to elevate the pop-cultural conversation to a higher level.

Small people, big business

The advertising freaks to the little ones everywhere they can be reached. Who wins when the state takes up the fight against the marketing industry? In the new Marketing Act, the very youngest consumers are dedicated to a separate chapter. But the fight against the commercialization of childhood is lost, experts say.

The red-green dilemma

The promises in the Soria Moria Declaration cannot be fulfilled.


For every African footballer who is tackling a future in Europe, many entire teams are thrown away. The sale and purchase of football players is a legal form of human trafficking. For every African boy who is tackling a future in Europe, there are plenty of boys that the clubs wreck.

The Muslim Civil War

Is the split between Sunnis and Shiites in the Middle East now deeper than the animosity between Israel and the Arabs?


It is wrong by Jonas Gahr Støre to blame Hezbollah for the war in Lebanon, says Nazih Salame, leader of the Lebanese association.

Government on trial

The reds have revealed internal strife this summer. In the fall, it is decided whether they will survive cohabitation.

Ban fruit

The Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan do not dare to eat Afghan fruit and vegetables. The farmers around them have to grow opium to survive.

No to a clean city

The city council leader makes every effort to eliminate visible begging, prostitution and drug addiction in Oslo. In the completely wrong way.

Threats with invasion

Turkey demands Kurds delivered from Iraq. That puts a serious squeeze on the United States.

Pressure on UDI

The UDI is increasing its preparedness in anticipation of Lebanese refugees to Norway. 600.000 Lebanese are on the run in their own country. The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is preparing for ...

Holding Hezbollah accountable

– We are very sorry for all the children who are killed in Lebanon. Any child who is killed is bad. But this ...

The innocent victims of war

Israel uses new and more damaging weapons against Gaza and Lebanon. The children must suffer for that. At least two out of five people killed in Lebanon are children. Israel uses the precision weapon Hellfire with Norwegian high explosives. Still, there are major civil losses in the war.

Blanket for the next act

The question is not who wins the election in Congo, but whether the losers will use weapons.

A new starting point for peace

The war in Lebanon is not just a battle for territory, but for the existence of Israel.

The Rubber Rock is coming

Old bands don't put up, they just go to the festival.