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A "close, close and good relationship with the United States"?

Last week, the newly appointed Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre went out against parts of the SV party program. Berge Furre thinks that Støre's US-friendly doctor resembles Jan Petersens and is unlucky for the new red-green government.

Crucial choice in Azerbaijan

On Sunday, November 6, Azerbaijan will run for re-election. Will the country be hit by the same revolution wave we know from Georgia and Ukraine?

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs unwilling to evaluate

– I do not see the great will on the part of the authorities to evaluate the peace processes Norway is involved in, says peace researcher Hilde Henriksen Waage. She thinks the reaction to Norway is far more hateful in Sri Lanka than even in the Middle East.

A bright day for democracy

On Saturday, Kabul's well-known bookseller Shah Muhammad Rais was to come to Norway, but the UDI withdrew his visa. Here is the bookseller's own description of the recent election in Afghanistan, a text written only for the weekly newspaper Ny Tid.

Why everything goes wrong in the WTO

In the article «A new solidarity trade policy» (Ny Tid 28 October), Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid, Atle Sommerfeldt, explains how Norway with its alliance partners in ...

Old and new on the menu

It goes quickly in the turns when Anne Britt Gran (in Ny Tid on Friday 28 October) will convince us that culture and industry is it ...

What would Erik do differently than Hilde?

The government platform negotiated at Soria Moria bids for a new course – also in development policy. It will be tough to follow.

Senegal's hip-hop revolution

In 2000, Senegalese President Abdou Diouf was cast in the country's first democratic election. The peaceful revolution was well aided by the country's many thousands of rappers.

Strong about escape

There is more drama, pain and suspense in Hisham Zaman's short film Bawke than in much of the Norwegian film year combined.

Torpedo against tariff pay?

The fate of the Swedish tariff system will be decided in the European Court of Justice. There, it will be decided whether the Swedish trade union movement may require Swedish pay to apply in Sweden. And whether Norwegian salaries should apply in Norway.

A Wizard of Islam

Islam in Europe needs moral and religious guides, says the rector of the Islamic University of Rotterdam.

The deadly Euratom directive!

Christer Gulbrandsen, who calls himself the holder of a master's degree in political science, had a post in Ny Tid on October 14 under the title «Lammer Lem nei-ligaen» ....

The after league is paralyzed

Under the heading "Lammer Lem nei-ligaen?" Christer Gulbrandsen has written a post in Ny tid 14/10 in support of Steinar Lem. This was meant as ...

The myopia P3

Can't they just call it the P3 song of the time?

Andsnes in all channels

Leif Ove Andsnes is still the best on the record.

60 years of wounds

On Monday, October 24, the United Nations turned 60 years old. It was a celebration with distaste. Not just because of the many natural disasters that ...

Tamil tigers in Rena military camp

In 2003, the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) received military training in Rena military camp, invited by Norwegian Foreign Ministry. "Very unlucky," say several Sri Lankan experts, who believe Norway should withdraw as peace observers. The EU recently decided to deny LTTE leaders entry permits. Three weeks before the election, Sri Lanka's prime minister opens to evict the Norwegians.

- Extraordinary of Norway

Representative for peace organization in Sri Lanka boasts Norway's role.

When the human mind bleeds

Seven out of ten Palestinian children in the West Bank are mentally injured. One cure is artistic expression.

Refusing to join

Jonas Gahr Støre goes against SV's US declaration in the party program. The new foreign minister would rather have a "close, close and good relationship with the United States".

A new solidarity trade policy

The new red-green government should stop taking the US and the rich parties in the agricultural negotiations. Norwegian Church Aid supports Thorbjørn Jagland's proposal for an "agricultural commission", to ensure a healthy Norwegian agriculture that does not harm farmers in poor countries.

REACH – what is it now?

We are increasingly surrounded by chemicals that threaten our health. It should do something about REACH. The danger is that REACH is rescued that gave birth to a mouse.

Equal pay without equal pay

The Icelandic Parliament had to close this week when the women went home. The woman rebellion is back.

- We have the right to knock on any door!

– Large mosques give the Muslims a false sense of satisfaction, says Marco Pastors City Council from Leefbaar Rotterdam. He says the city authorities have the right to knock on any door and tell the Muslims how to behave.

End of neutral cultural money

Everyone agrees that culture and industry are a good combination. Except the artists. They should see the possibility of capital as a gift package, writes Anne-Britt Gran.