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SV's core

Is there a core in SV? Is there a value set in the middle of the SV that binds the different parts of the party's politics together and which at the same time has appeal to both a left side and a right side internally in the party?

From Mærrakrattet to Husebyskogen

The dissatisfaction of the Oslo population with high walls in the city center and the US desire for security means that the US Embassy must move out of the city center. In consultation ...

Hometown not the only option

In Ny Tid on October 7, Jan Borgen criticizes Oslo SV for wanting to stop the relocation of the US embassy to Huseby. The castle is afraid of ...

Football party from football saves

A book that almost gives me a bad conscience because I still love football.

Four big ones

Any attempt to create a canon, ie a list of the greatest and / or most important works within an art or genre, is problematic, and ...

The eastern workers challenge the trade union movement

The trade unionists are preparing for a tough fight for rights.

Integration – the value struggle of New Time

Ny Tid's main article in the previous issue on Human Rights Service, over a total of five pages, concludes in a leading position that HRS is not needed in ...

As a member, you can yell

What is decided in Brussels is so important to Norway that Norwegians must realize that they should join the EU, says the British parliamentarian.

International Expression Match

This last week has shown the pressure that freedom of expression is under in what is called the age of terrorism and violent crime. Last Friday, Frettabladid, Iceland's largest ...

Holmgang should walk the plank

TV 2's Holmgang with Oddvar Stenstrøm is a danger to enlightened democracy in Norway, writes editor Dag Herbjørnsrud.

- Let the biggest rule!

– Let the six largest EU states govern the EU! Only in this way can the EU emerge from the paralysis that occurred when the French and Dutch voters voted no to the EU Constitution.

Escape without meaning

Bård Torgersen (38) has created a novel character that makes the reader want to playlist and scream. Shout "take you along".

Welcome to Europe!

In Rotterdam, the minarets stretch to the sky. A minority is becoming a majority.

Rebellion or fifth wheel on the wagon?

SV's starting point for the Soria Moria negotiations is a decline from twelve to eight percent. The party leadership can thank itself.

Dirt and cinnamon

To be a leading intellectual, Knut Olav Åmås in his responses to me (16.9 and 30.9) is exceptionally poor at withstanding criticism. Easy...

About romance and politics

In her response to me (30.09), Hanne Kraugerud manages the rhetorical piece of art that is to present it as if it were the feminists by me, ...

Oslo is the home of the pop and rock museum

There is only one good location of a national center for popular music. The choice should be simple. Here are ten reasons why.

- Norway must cut trade restrictions

250 children die as a result of the Third World debt burden as you read this interview. Economist Noreena Hertz (36) uses 223 pages on the solution.

I'm Trine

And I have something to say about the prostitution debate in this country. With a few honorable exceptions, the debates are limited to individuals. About...

A crazy statement

According to Svein Thuastad, a member of Sandnes SV, the claim in SV's work program that the United States is "the greatest threat to world peace" is "insane" ....

SV and the US Embassy

The city council must soon decide that the American embassy will be moved out of the city center. No postponement is acceptable. Why this impatience? Because life and health stand ...

Jazz from Tønsberg

The first jazz impulses came to Tønsberg during the occupation, when the summer resorts engaged jazz bands, and jazz bands included Tønsberg in the tour routes. The local jazz pioneer Per Asplin, ...

Reshuffle the debate!

The Human Rights Service has presented figures showing that second-generation immigrants pick up spouses in their home country to a far greater extent than first-generation ...

Dirt in Toten – live Africa?

Who should we be in solidarity with – farmers on Toten or in Africa? This is how Norway's situation in the WTO negotiations is often presented.

marriage dispute

The proportion of immigrants obtaining spouses from their country of origin is increasing, warns Human Rights Service. Wrong use of statistics, critics say.