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EU challenge to red-green government

The Norwegian authorities have had the full right to decide what we should accept of genetically modified food and feed in Norway. This is what the EU wants to end.

The red-green won the election

Although SV has lost every third voter, there is a red-green majority in the new parliament. The government negotiations between Ap, SV and Sp are now starting.

Primitive TV for whites

TV3's new reality show from "primitive cultures" in the South fits into the white man's long traditions of fairness mentality at the expense of other people, writes Ny Tids Harald Eraker.

Feminism for Beginners

I'm a hardcore feminist! According to Grethe Nestor. feminist Handbook can give teenagers meat on their feet in the feminist debate.

- Everyone must succeed in everything

Sailors are far tougher than Norwegian rockers, say other rock authors. – Most rockers I know do not practice either drugs or violence, and live in stable relationships, says author Ole Idar Kvelvane.

The rock takes on a bookshelf

Novels written by rockers are close to the publishing lists this year. – Rock'n'roll has taken over at sea for young men. Even the tattoos the rockers have taken from the sailor, says rocker and author Sverre Knudsen.

Three north mountains

John Pål Inderberg was a 16-year-old Steinkjer boy when he came to Trondheim in 1971, where he became a central force in the city ...

This year's Norwegian music books

We drown in a landslide of extensive biographies of the biggest international rock stars, and little Norway begins to follow. This year comes the following ...

Time to change

"Use the heart. And the head. And the voice." This is the advice from the party to Norway's ruling prime minister before election day on 12 September. With that slogan, Kristelig gets ...

Calls for ideology in the election campaign

The Norwegian election campaign is mostly about distributing increased wealth, while the heavier debates in principle have failed, according to foreign journalists covering the parliamentary elections.

Arrests in Beirut

Four senior Lebanese officers, all with close ties to President Lahoud's former pro-Syrian government, have now been arrested. Together they are accused of «murder, ...

Dangerous tabloid

Knut Olav Åmås. Don't you know better? Martine Aurdal criticizes the latest issue of Contemporary.

Nista is safe – what about the environment?

The election campaign has largely consisted of tactical squabbling and marginal promises that people who have the smell of grease in the past should get even better, says Rasmus Hansson in WWF.

Disappointed over the election campaign

"We are not being heard!", Minority youth say about this year's election campaign. Several are deeply disappointed in the level. SV and RV are the most popular parties.

The fight continues

There are many opinions on the strategies of the left. Halvor Finess Tretvoll's essay last week has started the debate.

The curse of natural resources

Norwegian oil company refuses to disclose how much they pay to drill in Equatorial Guinea.

On the trail of Mladic and Karazdic

This autumn it is 10 years since the Dayton Agreement was signed to end the war in Bosnia (1992-1995). New Age Maria Fuglevaag Warsinski reports from Bosnia, where she has stayed in recent months.

Exports petroleum management

Assistance combined with Norwegian business and industry may not be be a win-win situation, according to authorities.

The swamps are saved

The swamps in southern Iraq are rescued after heading towards total desiccation and destruction under Saddam Hussein.

Don't vote for a climate bully!

Now it's an election campaign and the parties are fighting for your and my vote. At the same time, we see Katrina and the enormous disaster that unfolds in ...

A value choice!

The Conservatives and the Christian Democrats are sacrificing the rights of the disabled to save 49 million. From the turn of the year, the government deprived disabled children and adults of aids that were ...

What did Kristin really say?

Kristin Halvorsen's foreign policy speech two weeks ago was about much more than the United States. Mostly it was about Norwegian self-interest.

different country

This election could put an end to the right-wing wave that has rolled across the country with ever-increasing power since the Willoch government triggered it in 1981.

On our tall horse

Associating circumcision with Islam obscures reality. In European medicine it has also been common to remove women's clitoris.

Promises new women's struggle

Ny Tid can print a joint proposal from the leading women politicians in the Labor Party, the Socialist People's Party and the Socialist People's Party: Karin Yrvin, Oddrun Remvik and Inger Enger. After long conversations, they present a new red-green women's policy, three days before election day.