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Back to the roots

All music genres need albums that go back to the roots. This year Loretta Lynn shows us what country is good for, while rapper Nas ten years ago cut hip hop to the bone.

Power and democracy in the welfare state of the future

The struggle for power mobilization based on people-elected governance and control and the struggle for a stronger welfare state exceeds the question of municipal "freedom".

EU – faith, certainty and bliss

Is there more faith than the knowledge in the yes-side arguments?

- Prostitutes should not dictate to us

Women politicians in SV settle with SV's parliamentary representative Inga Marte Thorkildsen's opposition to criminalization of whore customers.

Wolf in Norway

After hard fighting, a majority of the Storting consisting of the government parties, the SV and the Labor Party have now reached a compromise on the predator message. From nature conservation ...

Politically significant lift

A mullah is lifted – and the whole dietary tie of politicians and commentators goes off the shaft. What's at stake?

The world seen from Washington

Richard Clarke and Bob Woodward criticize Bush in two new books. It makes them exciting. But at the same time problematic

- Bush is making the situation worse

Norwegian participation in Iraq must end on 30 June. We can re-enter later with a UN mandate, but now the occupation powers have to clean up, says Marit Nybakk (Ap) leader of the defense committee at the Storting.

Dissatisfied with pension reform

The Pension Commission jumps over the gender perspective, says Equality Director Long Litt Woon. She is now launching a campaign to focus on gender and pensions.

Not a chance at asylum

Marian Florea from Romania stands with his head bowed and receives the verdict via a mobile phone: His application for asylum is baseless and the 48-hour procedure is over.

The US loses control of Iraq

The United States has fought a war on two fronts. Now they are desperately trying to save the stumps.

Proximity or subordination

How to make remote control look like local democracy?

Student activists go underground

Zimbabwean opposition students change strategy. President Mugabe is to be toppled in the same way that Slobodan Milosevic fell in Serbia.

Well balanced

"Second generation Norwegians," we might call young Norwegians with immigrant parents. It's a specious thought.

Fertile exoticism

Through this week's two releases we get a broad picture of Maurice Ravel's production. They also give a picture of his fascination with the foreign and exotic, both culturally, geographically and temporally.

What does the left side want with the United States?

Will the left side admit that the United States may not be be useful to Norway? It should.

Illusionist's pioneer?

Engaged and good, but a little too unclear about individual and collective illusions.

Extra heavy in the EU

An EU with 25 member states instead of 15 means a less predictable EU. It will be an EU with greater internal tensions – between rich and poor countries, between large and small countries, between countries that want a strong European central state and countries that will at least retain their foreign policy freedom of action.

The battle for India's soul

There are choices in India by day. But what are the roots of the ruling party's Hindu nationalist ideology?

The poor are still black

It is primarily unemployment that threatens the stability of South Africa.

Uses market forces to win

The transport workers and Per Østvold have learned the laws of the market – and actively use them in the fight for professional rights.

Black skeleton in the press cabinet

"The others" are skewed in the Norwegian press. The question is whether it affects how we look at them.

The EU is an environmental enemy

There are two environmental arguments for the EU. One is a bankruptcy statement. The second is weakened by enlargement. The environmental arguments against the EU, on the other hand, have been stronger since 1994. The EU has not been able to promote measures that curb this negative development, nor measures that are substantially able to remedy the damage, Heidi Sørensen writes in this post. (photo: Jógvan H. Gardar)

With the key to the past

– We are trying to raise our voices, says Ziad Abbas Shamrouch. – Not in a political way, but by helping the new generation to form a leadership that can lead the fight further.


– One, two, good luck! That's how Atomic got kicked off on its first record. The second album received this year's Spellemannpris.