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Dazzlingly beautiful and poetic with melancholy moments

The Oslo Cinematheque kicks off the new year with the showing of Japanese anime. Film of the month in January 2019 is Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms by Mari Okanda.

In the midst of the pitch-black darkness

Rune Eraker explores human vulnerability in his new photo book.

Letter to an unhappy painting

This month's stream movie: Sara Broos' Reflections is a picturesque portrait of the director's artist mother, and thematizes both the deep connections and the painful fences family relationships often feature.

The authentic staging

An increasing number of documentaries use elements from the feature film. It does not mean that what is portrayed becomes less authentic.

The paradox of liberalism

With Uruguay's former president as commentator, Delicate Balance puts the increased inequality and the global power of the market in a wider context.

Burning banalities

Christina Hagen makes a sharp stance on political correctness - but the confusion of style expressions clashes with criticism.
Woodstock festival

Looking back at the world's biggest hippie party

WOODSTOCK: The American television company PBS has produced a new documentary about one of the key events in modern American history.

Clouds of lies

An overwhelming amount of disappearance cases remain unresolved in Lebanon.
leonard Cohen

A deeply touching goodbye

A LAST GOOD BYE: Nick Broomfield's documentary on Marianne Ihlen and Leonard Cohen is a moving story about a very special love relationship.

Small bits of beauty

EVERYDAY IN GAZA: The film portrays the resignation that is, in effect, a desire to find life and happiness in the midst of all the tragedies.

United buddies or Norwegian film

"Where have all the guys been?" the author Lars Saabye Christensen asked repeatedly over a period of his writing, before he managed to break free from the repetition button of the boy gang. I know the answer to his question: The guys have gone to the movie!

The dark continent

How inaccessible - or open - can a person's inner life become to others?

Place of peace

Those who choose a life of contemplation and love for God - can they play a role in this world? The movie You Can't Google God gives a simple and worthy portrayal of nuns and monastic life.

You will not get peace even if you are dead

THE RANGE OF SYRIA: Yaser Kassab (31) is stuck in a gray suburb of Sweden.

A jihadist family portrait

Talal Derki's new documentary provides a rare insight into how the sons of al-Nusra warriors in Syria's Idlib province are being raised to become the next generation of jihadists.

Doctrine of civil disobedience

How to resist a corrupt state today.

From the front in the war on refugees

FLYGTNINGEKRISEN: Chinese artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei follows up his documentary Human Flow with a report from the war zones awaiting refugees in Europe. The Rest is about the millions who came to seek shelter but did not find it.

Difficult and dreaming in Congo

An indomitable will meets the hopelessness of this portrait of a coal breeder in Congo.

Dictator for a day

On the surface, Tropico 5 is merely a colorful and ironic strategy game, but the game also encompasses a number of political and social aspects that extend beyond the work's banana republic.

Third Period syndrome

2016 is a big election year, and so I don't aim for Donald Trump.

Power over (small) money

Free Word has the largest non-government money bag in cultural life. On it is Erik Rudeng who sits.

The man behind Fox News and the campaigns

THE POWER OF THE NEWS: With Fox News, Roger Ailes has transformed the United States.

The unproductive attention

What sets the artist apart from what we usually understand as the worker? Yes - the artist can be unproductive when she works.

On red runs with uncertain prospects

It is blowing heavily in Rue d'Antibes. Along the street, huge banners hang with pictures of actors and directors. In a fierce gust of wind, Marion Cotillard tries ...

EDITOR: Books moving

Bokvår. Books move people. And sometimes they can move a good part of the world as well.