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Russia's indoctrination

Heroic sacrifice for the motherland

RUSSIA: The idea of ​​serving the motherland is still relevant as a tool for indoctrination.

Gloomy everyday struggles among Scotland's poor

POVERTY: A generation of young Scots show moments of tenderness and care amidst everyday frustrations, trials, and episodes of violence.

Dancing without freedom

NORWEGIAN GAME FILM: Jorunn Myklebust Syversen's second feature film is a strong and disturbing portrayal of social control in Norwegian Pentecostal communities.
Sheep Herovideo

The profit hunt price

SOCIAL CRITICISM: The pursuit of profit forces the Dutch sheep owner Stijn out of its comfort zone. Honest work is no longer enough - today you have to have pointed elbows.

The tragic mafia

VENICE: Mafia and corruption were the themes of several films at the Venice Film Festival in September. But why are so many attracted to power, since it so easily corrupts over time?

The fire victims of corruption

Venice's best documentary?

The explosive power of the snapshot

ABOUT THE PHOTO BOOK: An intense and multifaceted conversation in several layers about the photo book, which with its contextual premise heightens the snapshot.

Student rebellion in Brazil

activism: Increased collective rates that hit the poor in São Paulo became the start of a student-led protest movement.

A woman in the boys club

PHOTO: Inge Morath was one of the few female photographers of the 1950 who gained membership in the male-dominated Magnum Photos. In this illustrated biography we get to take part in her adventurous and unconventional life.

Aung San Suu Kyi's growth and international fall

MYANMAR: To describe Myanmar as a military dictatorship in 2019 is as provocative as to claim that the emperor goes without clothes.

Deadly talc

COSMETICS INDUSTRY: Have you used skin care products today? The documentary Toxic Beauty will probably make you look a little closer to what they actually contain.

National sentiment becomes shop

GALLIPOLI: The commemorative markings of the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I provide the basis for both nationalism and business.

Crazy in the streets of Jerusalem

DRÆNGENE: Israeli docu-drama takes care of the traumatic wave of violence and revenge that led to open war in the summer of 2014.

Moments into the suffering of others

DOCUMENTARY PHOTO: The opportunity is there now to see what professional documentary photographers are doing.

The man behind Fox News and the campaigns

THE POWER OF THE NEWS: With Fox News, Roger Ailes has transformed the United States.

Timely about arranged marriages in Europe

ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Red Moon is as much family therapy as a heartbreaking road movie.

Making the desert green

CLIMATE CHANGES: Musician Inna Modja travels along the 8000 kilometer long route for Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project, where a wall of trees will extend across the continent.

The lot of human life

womanhood: Black humor illuminates this close-up portrait of a sarcastic, elderly Palestinian woman's life, relationships, desires and bitterness.
War Photographer - Photographer of War

Beauty in the ruins

War correspondents: Jan Grarup's work as a photographer has brought him to conflict zones and disasters around the world - from Darfur to Haiti. He juggles life in the front lines with family life.

The freedom that was won - and lost

WAR IN SYRIA: A filmmaker begins to document a celebration of freedom in Aleppo, but ends up documenting the fatal consequences of this particular dream.

When life has to move on

NORWEGIAN GAME FILM: With Venice-relevant Children, Dag Johan Haugerud paints a thought-provoking and empathetic portrait of Norwegian society, in one of the strongest Norwegian feature films of many years.

- I know I was born in prison. And...

TRAUMA: Born in Evin is the story of a brave young woman seeking the truth about her own past.

The virtual room has become an equally real part of daily life ...

Everyday life: Two card documentaries highlight two different experiences of modern man's everyday life - one is virtual, the other is a little too real.

Underground rock in Kabul

AFGHANIC METAL: The story of the emergence of the first Afghan metal band - and the subsequent fall under the weight of an ultra-conservative society.

When the truth surpasses the imagination

FAIRNESS The still exuberant and brilliant law professor Ben Ferencz - who will soon round 100 - is the appealing theme of Avrich's documentary.