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Continuation rather than replay

CANNES: Joachim Trier: The world's worst man
With The World's Worst Man, Joachim Trier has very possibly made his best film to date. And it is more than just the capital that connects it to Reprise and Oslo, 31 August.

The trauma story

JULY 22ND: Aslaug Holm, Sigve Endresen: Generation Utøya
Utøya as a hotbed for budding party affiliation: This generation still cannot be gagged.

An investigative contemporary image of July 22

22. July: Tommy Gulliksen: The legacy of July 22
Tommy Gulliksen's second documentary about July 22 shows a vulnerability that is both reflective, wondering and sincerely honest.

It wasted hope

THE OSLO AGREEMENT: Bartlett Sher, screenwriter: JT Rogers: Oslo
The escalating conflict between Israel and the Palestinians reminds us again that the Oslo agreement in 1993 did not lead to peace. And thus the HBO film Oslo almost feels like naive escapism.

Touch, bubbles and buns for dementia

DEMENTIA: Louise Detlefsen: It Is Not Over Yet
Nurse May Bjerre Eiby has developed a new treatment method for the elderly with dementia, with a belief in "hug and cake".

A linguistically dumb description

GUNDA: Viktor Kossakovsky: Gunda
A film on the pig's own terms.