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The story of a joke

The piglet that just grows and grows.

International Expression Match

This past week has shown what pressure freedom of expression is under in what is called the age of terror and violence. Last Friday, Frettabladid, Iceland's largest ...

Escape without meaning

Bård Torgersen (38) has created a novel character that makes the reader want to playlist and scream. Shout "take you along".

Journalism in squares

With ink as a journalistic tool, three cartoonists go to the bottom of the war in Bosnia, the counterfeit "Zions displayed protocols" and lusts.

With the pen as a compass needle

While Israel is withdrawing from Gaza this week, Palestinian writers were visiting Oslo. Including Liana Badr (53).

"The silent killing"

The reactions have been different since MODERN TIMES last week revealed that a Norwegian colonel had command of the Dutch UN forces in Srebrenica ...

The United States and Islam characterize the book harvest

Four new books on Islam and Muslims will be published by Norwegian authors this fall. Here are some of the most relevant case prose books coming in the coming weeks.

The Latin Revolution

Reggaeton creates ripples in Norway, but in Spanish-speaking countries this form of music is a big wave. Øyvind Holen explains.


The film that gives the wine a different taste


Watch out, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ben Harper. Former professional surfer Jack Johnson is looking for the musical backpacker throne. If you...

Another German trauma

When Anne Funder launched her book in Germany, people in the west asked her, "What's wrong with us?" In East Berlin, a drunkard stood and shouted, "I don't want to be German anymore!"

Looking for the exotic

About 60 feature films from 30 countries, 40 short films and closer to 30 documentaries. It is Tromsø International Film Festival. A close program focusing mainly on films from countries that do not dominate Norwegian cinemas - when did you last see a movie from Afghanistan?

The Ghost of Communism

The absence of adult leadership creates trouble for the Left Party.

Criticism of film

The Yes Men is currently the latest shot at the strain of entertaining - and subversive - Hollywood documentaries.

Then we do - but why?

Filmmaker Errol Morris saved an innocent convict from execution with the documentary "The Thin Blue Line". Now he is up to date with a portrait series that thematizes our fascination for evil.

The chin and blasphemy

The garden's Islamhood has renewed the blasphemy clause.

Shoots himself in the foot

John Pilger is trying to show that globalization is Western imperialism in new packaging. He almost manages it, but unfortunately ends up as a useful idiot to those he criticizes.

Moore controversy

Michael Moore's new film is praised by the left and butchered by the right. But are the fronts really that clear?

Power on the canvas

Rø case and Refsum say something important about popular culture and marriage.

For heavy duties

narcissism has wide. But should life thus be just a duty?

Fog of war

It is about understanding the mind of one's enemy.

revolution Glimt

The Paris Commune - the first labor revolution - as the Communist saw it.

Criminalize whore customers?

When a prostitute SV's meets a female political leader in the SV, it is not easy to agree whether whore customers should be criminalized.

Moraeus stands in the gate

The Filmport festival is really about literature and film. "European stories" are just the organizers' own post-rationalized label.

Goodbye to the album?

The technological innovations of recent years have put the traditional album format at risk. It is drastic to predict the death of the album, but the records that we know they are in great change.