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French police treatment of journalists raises free-speech issues

PARIS – The police treatment of a journalist accused of libel, who was dragged from his home in front of his young sons, has raised questions about freedom of speech in France and the tactics employed by the police and the judicial system here.

Hissène Habré – Prosecuting and Embarrassing Ally. Directed by: Magali Serre

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Dalai Lama gets top rating in survey on world leaders

PARIS – The Dalai Lama is the most respected world leader among Western Europeans and Americans, a poll being made public Friday shows, while Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany does the best job of combining respect with worldwide influence.

Cast aside illusions and prepare to fight

The eighth round of Sino-Tibetan talks was, of course, a major turning point.

Russia's peace offensive

President Dmitri Medvedev's speech in Evian, France last week has been portrayed as a broadside against the United States. Indeed, much of the speech amounted to a gratuitous rant reminiscent of his predecessor, now prime minister, Vladimir Putin.

Obama takes lead in electoral projections

As the race for the US presidential race enters its final stage after nearly two years of campaigning, a number of analyzes are showing Senator Barack Obama holding more than the number of Electoral College votes necessary for victory if the election were held today, leaving Senator John McCain battled against the clock to win back states that once leaned in his favor.

The way forward

This is how I and thousands have lived and fought against the tyrannic regime the last day. World exclusive text in Arabic from the author and doctor Nawal El Saadawi (79), Cairo, Egypt: الورة المصرية تضع قيما وعقدا اجتماعيا جديدا

Hungary forges closer energy ties with Russia

BERLIN – Hungary, already considered one of Russia's closest allies in Central Europe, has signed two major energy deals that will make it even more dependent on Moscow for its natural gas, analysts said Tuesday.

Muslims seek to build future in Italy

MILAN – On one side of a drab street in working-class Milan, a squat structure houses a conservative mosque linked in the past to suspected Islamic terrorists.

The theory and reality of France's EU leadership

PARIS – In a time when world leadership appears in short supply, Nicolas Sarkozy is making a case that he can be a leader of a Europe able to take a greater hand in global decision making.

Choosing freedom or having the freedom to choose

Do we live in a free and democratic society?

Threats of revenge as 3 executed for Bali bombings

JAKARTA – Hours after the executions of three men for their roles in the Bali bombings of 2002, nearly a thousand Islamic radicals shouted "God is great" in Arabic and threatened revenge as the bodies of two of the men arrived in their hometown of Tenggulun in East Java on Sunday.

Germany approves mission

BERLIN – Seeking to keep the biggest German peacekeeping mission from becoming an election issue next year, Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government won overwhelming approval from Parliament on Thursday to send an extra 1,000 troops to Afghanistan over the next 14 months.

EU seeks truce – and a bigger role

LONDON – Spurred on by France, Europe is seeking to fill the diplomatic vacuum in the Middle East left by the outgoing US administration, sending two missions to try to broker a cease-fire in Gaza and offering more humanitarian aid.

Between the 2 Koreas, a border fortified by mistrust

BAENGNYEONG ISLAND, South Korea – Just a dozen kilometers from this northernmost island of South Korea, North Korea has massed two army divisions, their artillery and rockets pointed directly at the South.

Thai army chief advises prime minister to quit

BANGKOK – The head of Thailand's Army urged the country's prime minister Wednesday to step down and call elections as he appealed to protesters who have paralyzed the country's main international airport for two days to cease their demonstrations and leave the terminal.

Sarkozy's Mediterranean plan slow to get moving

BRUSSELS – Once described by President Nicolas Sarkozy of France as his "Mediterranean dream," a plan to bind Europe to its southern neighbors was supported by no fewer than 43 countries at a summit meeting in a glittering Parisian palace in July.

Tibet: Needs the World's Support

While the attention of the international community is drawn to the uprising in the Xinjiang region, the oppression in Tibet continues. The political pressure on the Chinese government must be maintained.

North Korea releases flurry of reports on Kim

SEOUL – North Korea's state-run media has released a flurry of reports of public appearances by the country's reclusive leader, Kim Jong Il, in what analysts on Thursday called an effort to demonstrate to his people and the outside world that he is firmly in control despite widespread rumors of ill health.

The most dangerous job on earth

NEW YORK – Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan's new president and the widower of Benazir Bhutto, does not mince words in his determination to defeat a growing Taliban insurgency.

USA: What Fort Hood Taught Me

The Fort Hood shooting in Texas made me re-think the usual conventions. Namely: A Norwegian social scientist understands me far more than the Muslim guys whom the government officials usually meet.

EU lowers expectations for speedy agreement on new global financial architecture

BRUSSELS – European Union governments on Tuesday watered down a French call for speedy international agreement on a range of specific measures on the credit crisis, lowering expectations for a summit meeting this month that is dealing with global financial reform.

The lies of Mubarak's regime!

The Mubarak Media propagate lies to hide their crimes: Over 400 young Egyptians killed last days. We need the world media to tell the truth about the regime now!

Villepin ordered to stand trial in French smear case

PARIS – Former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin will stand trial on criminal charges of complicity in an alleged smear campaign that targeted Nicolas Sarkozy before he was elected president, a judicial official confirmed Wednesday.

Merkel looks to Hesse before Germany votes

BERLIN – German conservatives led by Chancellor Angela Merkel are getting an unexpected chance to retake the state of Hesse – one of the biggest of the 16 German states, and home to Frankfurt, center of the country's banking – months before the 2009 national election.