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The center of the world lies in Sunnfjord

Artist mobility seems to be a good thing for both the traveler and the city he travels to.

The town's throaty rope

TRAVEL LETTER: It's not for nothing that this is the most mythologized city in the world, and perhaps one of the most fussy.

The refugees Norway will not help where they are

Far in the north of Syria, the terrorist group ISIS has gone through one defeat after another. Kurdish defense forces are on the offensive against the new ISIS fascism.

Desoxification of environmental protection

There was a time when people talked about making climate issues sexy. In Reykjavik, poetry is enough to arouse commitment and attention.

Fear and loathing in liquid Las Vegas

Parliament's Question Time: Erna Solberg promises measures on refugee crisis in the Mediterranean: "Norway will ship." Norwegian Cruise Line leaves Barcelona for weeks.