The tragic mafia

VENICE: Mafia and corruption were the themes of several films at the Venice Film Festival in September. But why are so many attracted to power, since it so easily corrupts over time?
Habia una vez...

The dream factory and reality

MOVIE ABOUT MOVIE: Quentin Tarantino's new movie is a grand and captivating tribute to Hollywood, against a not-so-escapist backdrop of hippie time, the Vietnam War and the Manson family's misdeeds.
The queen

When the victims' defense goes wrong

#METOO: Fate-pregnant family relationships and abuse of power can be a success formula for film. The Queen offers a nuanced female abuser.

The Chernobyl disaster - a Soviet science fiction?

Nuclear disaster: As a major docu-fiction, the Chernobyl miniseries is now on HBO. The series reveals that the Soviet authorities were on a misunderstood line of reassurance. But the same thing happened in Norway.
Manila Lover

Slive kick about power play in intimate relationships

WORLD PREMIERE: For the first time in 16 years, a Norwegian short film has been selected for the critique week in Cannes.

Realists Stanley Kubrick

He is a filmmaker who has meant a lot to many of us. In a world that is globalized and militarized, Kubrick is still relevant.

Are you a human being?

The way we see - and do not see - the outside world is largely determined by the culture and society in which we grow up and are shaped. But is it possible to reveal our own blind spots in our day? asks author Hanne Ramsdal.

One in a million

In The Poetess, we get to follow the only female participant in the most popular talent show in the Middle East, who through her poetry exhibits an extraordinary courage against gender segregation.

A jihadist family portrait

Talal Derki's new documentary provides a rare insight into how the sons of al-Nusra warriors in Syria's Idlib province are being raised to become the next generation of jihadists.

They are careless

Poppe's feature film paves the way for care and a new focus on the survivors of the Utøya tragedy.

Short Film Festival Celebrates 40 Anniversary

The short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand is the world's largest of its kind, and celebrated its 40 anniversary in February. Through 8 packed days, over 500 films were shown on 12 different arenas.

Unintentional effects of violence

The shadow of violence can extend far and wide, and these two films show the indirect damage that continues long after the direct violence has ceased.

Clear satire in the route

Ruben Östlund's new film is very precise and direct in its socially critical questions, but has no answers itself.

The chewing ice cream I like is back in fashion

David Lynch is at the height of his career in the recent issue of the television series Twin Peaks.

Goodbye, dream castle

A cultural opponent is dead.

Science fiction anthology with a view to the abyss

The Netflix anthology Black Mirror delves deep into the human abyss. How far will technological developments go?

Tribute to a struggling legend

African-American multi-artist Maya Angelou turned all adversity into wisdom and poetry.

When the end is good, everything is great!

Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams were banished when they got married. Now their history is being used to uncover more abuses on the road to the self-determination of African colonial states.

Documentaries that will change the world

We are facing a new wave of documentaries that are not content with showing reality. They want to create real social change, far beyond the traditional display rooms.

Hedi's Arab Spring

A Tunisian generational uprising springs from a blood-curdling love story. Can this bring liberation further?

Indian politics: The party of ordinary people

The Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting picture of how a political movement can emerge and gain momentum.

Stops of things

Director Thomas Østbye refreshes his eyes on things and people.

Goes to childhood

Margreth Olin's new documentary is quiet, sweet and observant, but equally marked by her views on both the age group and the institution it portrays.

The only possible form of dignity

The story of four siblings' tragic suicide is deeply about the poverty in the Chinese countryside.

Safari in familiar terrain

With his dark portrayal of wealthy Austrians and Germans on hunting safaris in Africa, Ulrich Seidl makes it a little too easy for himself.