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"The Peace Nation"

Attached is the latest MODERN HOURS summer edition.

Norwegian export control in change – time for tightening

Arms exports: For those who follow the debate on Norwegian arms exports, 2021 has been one of the most dramatic years ever. The first bomb went off in February, when the Office of the Auditor General's review of Norwegian export control was published. In the wake of this, new information about Norwegian arms exports to the Emirates has been revealed, a new strategy for the arms industry has been launched by the government, and everyone is waiting anxiously for what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will come up with solutions to the many problems uncovered in its next report on export control. , in June.

The world's strictest regulations

Arms exports: The statement about "one of the world's strictest regulations" must be understood as the Storting's expected standard for a far more restrictive practice for Norwegian exports of munitions.

The new defense-industrial strategy

Arms: Norway creates a distinctive military-industrial complex between our defense sector, research environments and the arms industry.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norad

OFFICE: In the Foreign Service, Norway's contribution to peace processes is a high priority, while peacebuilding in development assistance has fallen completely out of Norad's new strategy.

New agreement with the USA challenges Norwegian base policy

The base statement: After Norway and the USA entered into an agreement in April on practical matters for US military activity in Norway, the debate on Norwegian base policy has flared up in earnest. The peace policy dividing lines in the case are clear.

"Disarmament and peace should be lifted above party lines"

Nuclear weapons: Disarmament work trumps the political dividing lines, says Asle Toje. He is now worried that Norway will come under insane pressure from the Americans to take over the German role when it comes to nuclear weapons.

Politics for peaceful coexistence?

DISPOSAL CHOICE: Is it possible to form an opinion about which peace policy alternatives one has to choose from in this autumn's election? Here we have reviewed the positions of the election programs to prevent violent conflict, resolve conflicts non-violently and contribute to peace and reconciliation after violent conflict.

Norwegian weapons in Gaza

NORWAY: Although Norway does not allow arms exports to Israel, Norwegian munitions are in use in the Israeli military. Thus, it is also not unlikely that Norwegian munitions may have been used in the attacks on Gaza in May 2021.

Norwegian adherence to the UN ban on nuclear weapons is important for all other NATO countries

NUCLEAR WEAPONS: The United States, Britain and France partly justify their nuclear weapons in Allied security. ICAN believes that Norway should not accept this.

Norway in the UN Security Council – a vote for peace?

UN: Since January, Norway has been a member of the UN Security Council. Three of Norway's peace efforts in the Security Council are successful, but the fourth, "climate and security", is on unsafe ground.

The Center Party – the tongue in cheek of the disarmament policy?

NUCLEAR WEAPON BAN: The SP's party program will be able to decide whether a change of government this autumn will lead to Norwegian support for the UN nuclear ban.


MILITARY DENIAL: According to Rødt, Norway has gone from being a "nation of peace" to becoming a "nation of war".


NATO FRIENDLY: The right emphasizes the offensive ability of the military. In the Nordic region policy, they emphasize military deterrence rather than detente.


LOW VOLTAGE: The High North is APS '«most important peace project», at the same time the defense budget will be increased, NATO strengthened and the arms industry safeguarded

When the world looks at Oslo

PEACE WORK: The Nobel Peace Prize is the world's foremost arena for presenting conflicts and peace work – and Norway's most important contribution to reputation building as the "Peace Nation".

KRF extension

NUCLEAR WEAPON BAN: In addition to joining the UN ban on nuclear weapons, KrF wants Norway to introduce a national moratorium on fully autonomous weapons.

Senterungdommen supports Norwegian accession to the UN nuclear ban

Before the Center Party's national meeting starts 4-6. June, the leader of the Center Youth is clear on what his organization thinks about the nuclear ban.


OUT OF NATO: SV goes to the polls for Norway to refrain from warfare, act as a bridge builder and contribute to disarmament rather than armaments internationally. They want to enshrine a ban on nuclear weapons on Norwegian soil in the constitution.


MORE FIGHTING POWER: The FRP wants more combat power in the Norwegian defense, and opens up for financing new larger weapons systems outside the defense budgets.


PREVENTION: Violence prevention is a recurring theme in justice, education, health and social policy. At the same time, the country's military capabilities must be strengthened.

News from the peace academy

The Peace Research Institute in Oslo, PRIO, has more than 50 peace researchers at work. We provide here a selection of current cases at PRIO.

The Security Council as a war preventor

VETORET RIGHT: The Security Council was established to prevent war. They can call on the parties to conflicts for negotiations, talks and other peaceful measures, and if this fails, they have the option of using sanctions or the use of military force.

Critical peace research

Is climate change the trigger for violent conflict?