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International orientering in the present.

Over-control can lead to radicalization

The government's target figures for the expulsion of illegal immigrants in Norway have led to more and more extensive immigration checks – also by Norwegian citizens. Now, many fear that the controls may lead to increased radicalization among youth. 

Outlawed marriage – sent out of Norway

Zufan came to Norway for a family reunion in 2010. After several years of mental and physical abuse from her husband, she finally managed to break out of marriage. The "prize" is broadcast from Norway. 

Possible turning point

Every time the UN initiates new solutions to the conflict between Western Sahara and Morocco, Morocco responds with vigorous protests. All indications are that the aggression from Morocco is carefully calculated – this time too.

US soldiers ignore rape of Afghan children

NATO soldiers in Afghanistan are training Afghan security forces to respect human rights, the US president claims. At the same time, it appears that US soldiers have been ordered to overlook systematic rapes of children perpetrated by the same security forces.

Five scenes from Berlin

Does the series of manifestations throughout history have validity today? After hearing the "chameleon" Cate Blanchett quote historical manifestations through various 13 characters, the answer is yes. 

De levende døde

Our helplessness is almost total when we meet a human being who can never be the same again. Death has become a taboo, it was called for ...

The official Russian propaganda narrative fits into the distressed Western Cold War narrative, which we ...

Putin made the living room for western homes – a more grateful task than it may immediately seem.

Those who provide relief in the firing line

For five years, we have been following the civil war in Syria – from what was a beginning crisis, to the situation we are seeing now. The numbers from the crisis are disheartening. But there is still much that can be saved in Syria, and there are bright spots. 

Mikkel Wold (ed.): Take back the ethics. Market thinking and its consequences

When everything in life gets a price tag, they become easily corrupted.

Norway lends billions to dictatorships

Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates bomb hospitals, schools and refugee camps in Yemen – and receive loans from Norway. 

Find deleted information again

There are several ways to retrieve deleted information.

20 years after the Oslo Accords: Being an Israeli ambassador to Norway

20 years after the Oslo Accords, we meet Israel's ambassador, Raphael Schutz, to a conversation about the criticism Israel is exposed to in Norway. What does the wall, the country's militarism and its enmity mean? And will the hatred between Jews and Palestinians ever find a future solution?

Corruption in the open

Film festival HRHW: The road to modern China seems to be paved with the methods of the Wild West, one would believe the documentary The Road.

Myanmar's long road to peace

Myanmar's historic parliamentary elections do not necessarily lead to peace in the country, after more than half a century of conflict with the country's many minority groups.

Russian nuclear weapons in Crimea?

Former political prisoner and dissident Mustafa Dzhemilev tells Ny Tid about the fight against the occupation of Crimea, his relationship with Russia and why he received the Nansen Medal. Today, he is the political leader of the 280 Crimean Tatar ethnic group. 

The manifesto as an art form

The film installation Manifesto, which will be on display at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin these days, addresses some of the many paradoxes that stick to the manifesto genre – both in its political and artistic setbacks. 

The filmmaker as the good fairy

Is a documentary's credibility compromised when the director intervenes in the portrayed life story to achieve a desired and more salable result? The film Sonita is an important story of victory over women's oppressive traditions, but also raises difficult questions about the role of the filmmaker.

To stroll through Via Appia's side streets

SOUTH ITALY TRAVEL SESSAY: Terracina's winding stairs and streets are full of cultural history, weeds, crooked cobblestones and wading lizards – and it is not always good to know if they lead to the purgatory, Rome or the resort's umbrellas.

The refugees Norway will not help where they are

Far in the north of Syria, the terrorist group ISIS has gone through one defeat after another. Kurdish defense forces are on the offensive against the new ISIS fascism.

Is Donald Trump fascist?

He plays on the fears and moods that characterize American society. But does it make sense to call him a fascist?
Fidel Castro Cuba

The failure of the Bay of Pigs

When John F. Kennedy incited Cuban refugees to the invasion of Pig Bay just over 40 years ago, the CIA believed the "liberators" would be greeted by cheering Cubans. That's not how it went, says Arnljot Løseth, associate professor of history at Volda University College.

"Grave journalism is threatened"

The OSCE Representative for Press Freedom and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression are concerned about the growing surveillance threat to journalists.

Brazilian Hydro

Norsk Hydro danced the samba when they were able to buy parts of Brazilian Vale. But in Rio, Brazilians are more concerned about their new Hydro control, which will be used to run Hydro better.

Barthes and the care of the human soul

The French essayist and theorist Roland Barthes would become 100 year by year. A look back at his writings calls for further thinking about interpersonal relationships and coexistence.

Victor Kossakovsky: Varicella

Eurodok Film Festival: Predictable but respectful film about ambitious children caught in the ballet's mandatory melancholy.