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International orientering in the present.

The horde and the socially unconscious

Can we understand today's rising nationalism and right-wing populism by means of psychoanalytic thinking – and understand the fear of xenophobia as characteristics of the socially unconscious in society?

Iron hand or peacock?

This week, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert delivered his farewell application. The Palestinians have mixed feelings towards Tzipi Livni, who may become Israel's new prime minister next year.

A peace nation in spaghetti

Mediation attempts after mediation efforts coincide in Syria, and violence appears to be endless. Norway's response to this has been to involve itself through ...

Hidden everyday racism in France

In our daily lives we are constantly sacrificing the identity, identity and individuality of others at the altar of the group, writes French author Tania de Montaigne in a new book.

Refused to tame

When Kareem Amer tells people he has spent four years in prison for blogging, many respond with raising eyebrows. "Of...

- Will increase the war industry

The blue-blue government is opening up to increase Norway's war participation in NATO and the EU. In addition, Norwegian weapons production will grow more. – Very negative for Norway, says Alexander Harang in the Peace Team. The Kongsberg group is satisfied.

Cultural catalyst for sustainable future

What kind of role can art play in developing better living conditions?

The documentary must not die

Undermining official lies is the strength of the documentary, but one is threatened when one goes against established truths. Pilgrim's latest film is The Coming War on China. He now asks us to break the silence.

Africa on everyone's lips

While Western economies are plummeting, Africa is at full speed ahead. Now Norway is waking up. Trond Giske and Erik Solheim travel on Africa tour. A new organization for Norwegian-African business cooperation sees the light of day. This fall everyone talks about Africa.

Russia's "agents": Civil society and survival

What happens to Russia's civil society when non-governmental organizations are banned for foreign aid?

Leader: The new walls

This weekend is a quarter of a century since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the symbolic end of the Cold War began. But today new walls are being erected. New Cold Wars are entering our consciousness.

Adult love

Love between the elderly has been taboo in Bollywood. But when the movies first come, they are not that different from the Hollywood versions.

A radical bastion

PAX publishing is one of the few bastions of radicalism in Norway. The neo-radicalism of the 60 years is hard to imagine without this arsenal of political literature.


From 1. June you can hire Viviana Mihai (25) and other Romanians for gardening, washing and carpentry. An exception rule for Romania and Bulgaria has been removed, enabling Roma people to take up paid work in Norway. The Roman people are historically referred to as Europe's foremost workers. Now they get brilliant shots from Norwegian employers.

An ordinary superhero

– Everyone can be a superhero, says the creator of Norway's first superhero, Josef Yohannes. Now he's up to date with the comic book "The Urban Legend – A Real Superhero Creates".


A bill allowing for discrimination against gays in the US state of Indiana has created an avalanche of reactions – from business. Future business leaders must continue to be socially engaged to please consumers, the author believes.

- Can make it worse

Center Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum tells Ny Tid that The government's war contribution to Iraq is little thought out. But Deputy Speaker Ola Borten Moe does not say that his party agrees with the SV in the Iraq strategy.

Zapatista prescription for Mexico

Herbalist María de Jesús Patricio Martínez is already historically the Zapatist presidential candidate. Together, they will heal Mexico by destroying capitalism – before it destroys them.

Headwind revolution

VG commentator Frithjof Jacobsen says in the book Project Prime Minister that "modern politics is not about educating the people and seeking adherence to ideological principles, but about trying to understand what answers people want to hear"

Get the Defense home!

Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes emphasizes to Ny Tid why Rødt has four new proposals to the Storting this month. Red wants to reverse the authorities' eagerness to take part in wars of aggression.

A vitamin policy peace supplement in the election campaign

In the middle of the election campaign, an exciting and highly political exhibition opened at Akershus Art Center. Through the Flag Follow the Bottle, the artist group ANNEX gives us a critical look at the country's treatment of asylum seekers, the abundance community and not least the war nation Norway.

"Not many enough!"

A complex relationship over many centuries is now reflected in the recent Polish-Israeli conflict.

The state is filming girls' abdomen

• Police have been driving girls for 3 years for genital check without asking parents. Girls' abdomen is videotaped in new circumcision controls. From 1. January the scheme will be extended. Norway's foremost expert is critical for every general practitioner to have a gender examination.

• Little girls' abdomen is videotaped in conjunction with controls to reveal circumcision. If parents do not voluntarily join the genital examination, the children may be coerced.

Brutal Brexit for Norway

When the UK leaves the EU, they also leave the EEA, and Norway will be on the brink of its main trading partner.

War yes from the Greens

* The nonviolence party The Greens are making a full turnaround: After first saying no to contributing with staff officers, MDG is now supporting the government in sending 120 soldiers to Iraq and the war against ISIS.
* – We are not going any way with dialogue, says spokesperson Hilde Opoku. Election researcher believes MDG has come into conflict with itself for the first time. The center party has also turned.