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International orientering in the present.

Misrata, Libya

The abused resolution and Norwegian embarrassment

The British Foreign Affairs Committee's report on the Libya war is overlooked in Norway: It explains that our allies on the ground were Libyan Islamists with ties to Al Qaeda.

Norway is slowing down in its efforts to regulate autonomous weapons

What is the Government doing to help develop new political and legal regulations to ensure human control over killing robots (autonomous weapons)?

The refugee camp that became a city

The Jordanian refugee camp Zaatari huser 87 Syrians. None of them want to go home. Syria lacks even the most basic infrastructure, and most Syrians are terrified of retaliation.

Syrian echoes at the arrival of the Yellow West

Popular revolt is at its core the same, be it in Syria or France, writes a group of revolutionary exiles.

Those responsible go free

What good is it that the War Criminal Tribunal in The Hague possesses extensive material when it lacks international political will to bring Syrian executioners to justice?

Portal to another time

Once, the dilapidated hotel on Lake Sevan in Armenia was a fashionable place for Soviet Union writers. On the way into the driveway it has become 1962.

13 years in Guantánamo without any evidence

Ahmed Ahjam was captured in Pakistan in 2001, accused of belonging to Al Qaeda. Although the United States never found any evidence, he was imprisoned at Guantánamo for 13 years.

The scary sound of religion

Fanaticism and extremism arise the moment religion is detached from its cultural and historical background.

Journalism in the danger zone

Like many other journalists, war correspondent Marie Colvin was killed in Syria as she tried to report back home on the atrocities. Ny Tid has spoken to the photographer who was involved in what was to be her last assignment.

The discomfort of breathing

Our disappointment on social media only stimulates the pursuit of ever more refined manipulation techniques. Detoxification is not the answer, writes Geert Lovink.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the Louvre

In the music video for the single "Apes ** t", the iconic pop idols challenge the expected way Africans have been viewed throughout history. But the couple are not the first to choose the Louvre as their location to mark their own success.

How will humans learn to live together in the world?

What can the West learn from the East and vice versa when it comes to being human? Learning to be Human was the theme of this year's World Conference in Philosophy in China.

- We cannot just call Russia an enemy

Women have taken a bigger place in the Armed Forces in recent years. What does a young female soldier think about Norway's role in the much-talked about NATO exercise?

- There is no contradiction between the peace movement, the Home Defense or the Defense

MODERN TIMES is on the scene, asking Home Guard soldiers who participated in the Trident Juncture exercise in Central Norway recently, why they joined the military and their relationship with war.

Is the rhino's destiny inevitable?

In southern Africa, a particularly humble and absurd war takes place – low in its bestiality, absurd because it is based on old superstition.

National Library: It's as if the building has been waiting for this

The National Library recently opened an exhibition on Norwegian sci-fi. "Maybe more than ever we need a genre that can contain philosophical and difficult questions about our existence," writes author Hanne Ramsdal.

To dream is to look death in the eyes

What is this dream, what significance does it have?

Living in the Earth Ecosystem

The notion of nature as the source of harmony is deeply rooted in the ecological movement. Do we now need new stories about our species to survive?

ZERO and the Nobel laureates

If you are one of those who think exhortations about environmental destruction are well exaggerated, you should not read on.

Magicians and prophets about the future of nature

In an effective mix of polemics and history of ideas, this book shows how the environmental situation is a product of the ideas we have about it.

Social control 4.0

China's digital social credit system operates with a form of gamified control, which rewards users as they score points for behavior inside and outside the network. Within 2020, Chinese authorities are planning to establish a nationwide system. Western commentators react with disgust, but is our own social media really that much better?

Recurring return on Black Box

"How much fascism can we tolerate in a democracy?" Asks one of the actors present with the Ways of Seeing theater piece on Black Box in November.

Pending Thai new elections

While the sun is shining on Thailand's sandy beaches, the political storm is never far away.

More than a human being

Documentary of the Month: Peter Mettler's new feature film, Becoming Animal also has a philosophical depth, where it allows Canadian eco-philosopher Davis Abram to play an important role.

About the dictatorship of the proletariat

This post aims to show why it was a political mistake by the SUF to program the dictatorship of the proletariat.