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International orientering in the present.

What does NATO really want?

According to our government, the great NATO exercise that is going on in Central Norway these days should give us a sense of security. But does the course NATO has stood out in recent years, a sense of security?

Did Libertas stand behind the action against Pax?

As is well known, the action against Pax started with Morgenbladet bringing a strongly misleading overview of the publisher's financial position. One or more people have photocopied parts of last year's annual report, but deftly cut off important asset items, such as receivables of close to one million. These photocopies were sent to Morgenbladet, VG, NÅ, the Conservative Party's Press Office and a number of creditors, accompanied by an appeal that something had to be done to stop Pax.

A radical bastion

PAX publishing is one of the few bastions of radicalism in Norway. The neo-radicalism of the 60 years is hard to imagine without this arsenal of political literature.

A new culture

Antonio Gramsci's notes from the cell in fascist Italy in the 20 century were collected and published under the title Prison Diaries after World War II. The time has come to pick him up again.

Proximity to American conventionalism

Of the two new films about the Utøya massacre, it is Reconstructing Utøya which, through four survivors' honest accounts, in all its simplicity allows us to see both the extent of the tragedy and a way forward for those involved.

Heading for a new Northern Ireland?

The battle for Catalonia could be the start of an insoluble conflict. 

A tragic chapter in Norwegian history

Not many expected the Petersen Committee to come up with a critique of Norway's role in the Libya war, but the committee's report is nevertheless less critical than expected. It all remains a sad story.  

In Gandhi's footsteps 

Indian activist and philosopher Vandana Shiva now visits Norway at the Globalization Conference.

Mobilizes before Norway's largest military exercise 

Several mobilization meetings are now being organized against the NATO exercise Trident Juncture around Norway. "There is an increasing build-up of militarism in Europe, and it is dangerous," one of the peace activists told Ny Tid. 

No longer valid?

Former Minister for Integration Listhaug boasted that "Norway today has Europe's strictest immigration policy". The contrast to the national hero Nansen's humanitarian work after the First World War could hardly be greater?

From folk hero to dictator 

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is more and more similar to his violent and dictatorial predecessor. 

Catalan separatists and anarchists are still fighting

One year after the referendum in Barcelona, ​​100 people are still fighting for a future republic. Ny Tid recently met a leading separatist and asks him why.

The Georgian dogs

Join Georgia, where the street dogs are served ice cream and cheese bread and receive the necessary medical treatment in state animal clinics.

Cases for everyone!

This year's Case Proceedings Festival has a varied and star-studded program, and is practicing its democratic basic thinking by being open to everyone.

Under Brooklyn bridge for #Metoo

Seven female photographers in a tough macho industry are commenting on the #Metoo debate by encouraging dialogue.

About those who become injured

Both Edward Burtynsky and Rune Eraker will create change through the photograph.

Other Press Be Cautious Poster

AVERAGE: There are two Be careful posters for the press: the written and the unwritten.

At the price of fetishism

Mankind's pitiful sexual history finds its most conceptual and poetic version in fetish worship.

Dictator country, hand in hand

China's grip on Africa tightens at record speed, while the country is blowing UN sanctions against African dictators and war criminals.

The problem of social inequality

Has man ever really lived with nature in freedom and equality, and then ended up in the links of modernity? This essay attempts nothing less than to add the first building blocks to a whole new understanding of history. 

To reduce the world history of Gini coefficients

Another example of history writing.

Neighborhood in the North

Trine Eklund writes about experiences from her peace and dialogue journey in Russia. Why does the West draw an enemy image and impose sanctions on the country, she asks. She thinks we have no reason to fear our Russian neighbor.

Israel is well on its way to apartheid

An Israel, now defined by the law as "Jewish," can no longer call itself democratic.

Disc boom in the Sandberg case 

Per Sandberg did not need to go to Iran to be monitored. New monitoring techniques make it possible to locate mobile users – regardless of where they are. We take a closer look at these developments.

VAGINA! Vulva!

Vienna: Die Jubiläumsschau shows Egon Schiele's 100 year-old artist, where the explicit nude portraits of the woman still provoke.