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Comment: The crisis is not over

One year after Somalia's worst famine disaster, the attention of the international community is facing other crises. But the need for relief is still critical in Somalia.

Comment: Swedish victory

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce states that the requirement for sterilization for legal gender change is contrary to human rights and Swedish government cooperation. When will Norway follow suit?

Still lamenting the opposition

With oil money, the Azerbaijan regime has bought supporters among a number of governments. But the calls for freedom from the Middle East and North Africa also reach here.

LEADER: No to stingy nationalism

Autonomy. There are many good, radical reasons for opposing increased nationalism in Europe. But Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Scotland are nuancing the debate.

The struggle for the province

In recent months, the province of Manicaland has attracted local, regional and international attention, but for erroneous reasons.

Do not use Muslims as a breach in the immigration debate

"The Norwegian press will not, cannot and do not dare write about the facts," sociologist and social activist Kjetil Rolness argued to Norwegian editors under the Norwegian Editors' Association ...

Leader: The Mediterranean dangers of the economy

As extremists win in Serbia and Greece - Egypt took a historic step closer to democratic normality on Wednesday. The economic crisis also presents new political opportunities.

Culture and respect

This text is a translated excerpt from Manji's new book Allah, Liberty and Love (Allah, freedom and love), which is also available as an "app" in English for smartphones and tablets. The excerpt is printed exclusively in Norway for MODERN TIMES.

fashion slaves

The textile industry in Asia has only gotten worse. Last year's activism was good and good, but the clothing chains must accept their full responsibility for solving the problems.

We do not build democracy

MSF is not on Norway's side in the war in Afghanistan. Neutrality is our only defense.

Grums is growing in Finland

Hello North! I miss the upset, well-informed and interested reactions from my Nordic friends after Sunday's parliamentary elections in Finland, so I simply ...

Musical men's meal

The annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert will capture the entire family and Europe in a matter of hours. It's no easy task.

A parallel life

The Norwegian space game AD2460 is difficult to access at first, but the game offers great complexity and an interesting social dimension.
Faditoon, see www.libex.eu

The despair is stronger than hoped

OPTIMISM: By taking positive ideas more seriously, we can give them the same attention that toxic ideologies receive today.

International columnist: Almost democracy

Venezuela is free and democratic, according to the government. I almost totally agree.

Investigate alternatives to the EEA Agreement

Norway needs a real debate about what alternatives we have to the EEA.

By hand about the time spirit

Susanne Sundfør and Bertine Zetlitz, both out with a new record, meet us listeners in the middle of time.

Comment: Thick walls in Akersgata

On Monday this week, the Government Pension Fund Global (the Norwegian Oil Fund) presented its annual report. The fund, which is managed by the Ministry of Finance, owns assets of more than 4040 billion.

Donald Trump's Norwegian running guys in Afghanistan

Why is the debate around Norway's war participation and arms trade almost absent?

MODERN TIMES as Islamic hysteria-free zone

Leader II in MODERN TIMES 26.02.2010:

It is with disappointment that we see that SV leader Kristin Halvorsen this week also draws on the predictable hard drive of the Norwegian media and politicians against the Muslim minority.

On Wednesday, there was the little girl hijab Knowledge Minister Halvorsen open to force of the girls. But other girls are still going to get sex by letting them wear a bikini from the age of three.

For those who have doubts: MODERN TIMES continues to go against the flow by being an Islam hysteria-free zone.

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Leader: Stumbling thread half

The red-green has apparently put out stumbling blocks for the new government. Maybe just fine. What is the problem with seeing the world from below?

Leader: The long election campaign

The past week has shown that the guarantors of a radical improvement in today's Norway also need to be watched carefully.

Our limit, our responsibility!

The world is facing the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. War and natural disasters force people from home and family into a life of escape. Desperation ...

Comment: Real Norwegians?

The notion that there are first-rate and second-rate Norwegians spread. It is a development that should worry most people.