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Leader: Need for Norwegian review

After Serbia handed Radovan Karadzic to the court in The Hague on Wednesday, it is time for Norway to also examine its role in one of the 20. century's worst genocide.

Leader: The bold grip

Over the past week, Erik Solheim has shown that environment and development are connected. But can this be a political winner?

The necessary disobedience

When the law threatens people's ability to feel good about their body and identity, breaking the law may be necessary.

Future of Norwegian industry

The world needs Norwegian aluminum, but who is going to be responsible for the production unless the working people at Karmøy and Lista do?

Leader: Drunk on oil

This week should have shown that it is not jetty, broadband or stabbur which is Åslaug Haga's problem, but that she also does not get us away from the oil addiction.

The voices that connect

Thanks to Pakistani journalist Yasmin Hai, I feel a little less lonely as a colonial child.

Who are you working for, Helga?

As Minister of Fisheries, Helga Pedersen should defend the fisheries with beak and claws. Instead, she has emerged as the best friend in the oil industry.

Our globe

Natural resources are jointly owned, unless they are Norwegian.