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Russian television

Russian citizens today have access to hundreds of TV channels, but still largely choose to follow only the largest state channel. Editor of Vedomosti, Maxim Trudolyubov, wonders why.

The debate about salmon

The debate on the future of the aquaculture and fisheries industry is characterized by unclear intentions and a lack of long-term perspectives. It is more important to enable people to participate in the debate than to convince that "Salmon is important for Norway".

Radiation hazard at AMS smart meters

Radiation: After the new AMS smart meter was installed with us last year, it has brought significant concern and inconvenience to me and my family. 

Nonviolent strategies and alternative to military service  

Several women are calling for a Ministry of Peace and the introduction of a new culture of peace in Norway.

Scrap the homework

Time to end the homework scheme. 

Damning rhetoric

The media's demonization of North Korea has made us stupid. What will the world say when the devil Kim and the mad Trump receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Authoritarian or democratic?

Full-scale dictatorship, authoritarian rule, or the other half, democracy?

Never more war?

Can a third world war based on allegations be thrown at us? Our allies have deployed doomsday weapons in large numbers – a major war today puts all life at risk.