Theater of Cruelty

Prose: September


Clear satire in the route

Ruben Östlund's new film is very precise and direct in its socially critical questions, but has no answers itself.

Why not Sanders?

Why didn't Bernie Sanders win in the general election? Swiss documentary reveals astonishing system failure in the US electoral system.

Get one in hell

"I'm not more important. I want to live in an equal society, ”writes Hanne Ramsdal, who has created performing arts about her husband's lack of rights as a father. 

Indian politics: The party of ordinary people

The Indian documentary An Insignificant Man is an interesting picture of how a political movement can emerge and gain momentum. 

Documentary wounds

Palestinian-Danish Mahdi Fleifel's films express the refugee's pain and despair.

Movies from the East

Horror, anime, samurai film, experiment, costume drama, monster movie and softcore – all Japanese films are in tension between east and west.

The hacked body

Physical implants that are injected into the body. Cyborgs with antennas. Women who monitor the ovulation through software. The body hackers tell us something about modern man's relationship to technology. 

The melancholy interpreter has traveled

The Swedish idea historian and essayist Karin Johannisson died in November. Her books on the history of emotions, body and mind will continue to raise important questions for generations. 

Dada is dead, live Dada! 

Dada is 100 years. The small movement that created new meaning by tearing most of it into pieces has ideological and artistic successors everywhere – just looking around.

The second version

The web is teeming with alternatives to the established media's version of the truth. 

Impressions from Transilvania

Here we do not meet Dracula, but instead Norwegian romanticism and Saxon patriotism.

Susan Sontag: The Complete Rolling Stone Interview

To be alive, one must feel and think, transcend oneself. For Sontag, intellectual engagement was primarily driven by this urge for formation and self-transcendence.

Judith Butler: Notes Toward and Performative Theory of Assembly

The body as a starting point for Judith Butler's thinking about democracy is promising – but does not meet because of the author's one-sided reading of Hannah Arendt. 

Hannah Arendt as a refugee

Hannah Arendt's acknowledgments of the escape's existential impossibility are fiery, and form a fundamental premise in the documentary about the philosopher who himself fled to Paris in a politically polarized era.

The river of history is poisoned

The Nile is destroyed by sewage, garbage and waste. This threatens the lives of millions of people in several countries.

Upstate orphisms

Upstage poems and aphorisms tame a delusional world.

ghost Font

Someone who fears sanctions and transparency creates whole new languages.

"Slavery goes hand in hand with deforestation"

Deforestation in the Amazon is closely linked to land raids, killings and slavery. Independent grave journalists are working to get to the bottom of who is profiting on the destruction of the world's most important ecosystem.

It opens the work

PJ Harvey has published his first book. Why hasn't she done it before?

Screaming smile

The novel Smil shows how images and symbolism seem far stronger than laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the book's own image use is not particularly powerful.

Movie History Returns

Guy Maddin's latest film balances on the boundary between the annoying and the fascinating.

Political thriller in the middle of the line

In its fifth season, Homeland is more socially relevant than ever. But the series creators are increasingly concerned with creating excitement rather than formulating political messages.

More than a refugee drama

Gold Palm winner Dheepan is a complex and bold film with a disturbing climax, which has divided the audience into at least two camps.

Road choices at the end of the journey

The feature film Far from Men has turned Albert Camus' Guest into a kind of western, without letting go of the novel's fabulous simplicity.