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Art exhibitions or books

The truth of the painting: Reunion with van Gogh

Let me start with a few complaints: Visual arts are not doing well in our time. One expression of this is the growing populism we see ...

Part of the general education

How many photos do you think an ordinary school class produces in a year? Tens of thousands? Millions? And how many school hours do students have in the year of car teaching? Five? Ten?

A Nietzschean art history driven by historical forces

Aby Warburg's understanding of images has left traces. He anticipated the montage concept of Russian filmmakers, and has inspired writers and art historians. Recently, a lecture was given about him in Oslo.

Room for thoughts on Syria: art and culture in troubled times

Today, we are witnessing a fragmentation of the Syrian people whose voices are spread throughout the world. What happens then ...

Dramatic for trouble – fiction or reality?

In a theater landscape where fiction is criticized and challenged – what makes one dictate what to say about reality?

The geography of the hidden world

PHOTOGRAPHY: Over the past decades, American artist and geographer Trevor Paglen has focused the camera lens on the secret part of the defense industry – this huge apparatus that sees everything, but which itself tries to avoid being seen.

What we don't do in our community

There are some things that are not allowed in our society. For example, it is not allowed to scream. Anja Breien gives us films that theme what we want and what we can.

Picture of the month

Tent camping at Langøyene has long traditions. For an ignorant tourist who visits the place during the daytime, the area can quickly look like a remarkable collection ...


By: Elisabeth Medbøe Linerlen jumps around me, waiting for goodies to appear while I dig the soil and spread livestock manure. Together with mark and all ...

The whimsical power of beauty

Beauty goes directly to our emotions affecting us more strongly than anything else. Is it the one to save our planet?

Picture of the Week

Zanele Muholi (b. 1972) calls herself a "visual activist," and through her art, she fights black lesbians, gays, and transsexuals.

Picture of the Week 17-06-2015

"Willy Bangsund is a local legend and wrestling coach in Sør-Varanger, who many in the local community believe should have long ago received a medal for the best peace work in ...

Brilliant on earth

Knight's review and criticism of Munch's art are both hysterically funny, well-written and in many ways apt. But historical art criticism can have dubious value when it is as wrong as this one.

Picture of the week 03-06-2015

"The Bloodlands is the area of ​​Europe that extends from Lithuania in the north to Ukraine in the south, and where decades of conflict have caused ...

Great moments of imperfection

Guttorm Nordø stages our experience of being in the world – as if we had just arrived.

Picture of the week 10-06-2015

For centuries, the distinction between rich and poor has led to polarization and experiences of lack of self-sufficiency. This is reproduced to this day in the divide ...

Refused to tame

When Kareem Amer tells people he has spent four years in prison for blogging, many respond with raising eyebrows. "Of...

A moving reunion with van Gogh

In a post in the previous issue of Ny Tid, Tore Kierulf Næss makes sure that the visual arts have poor conditions nowadays. The reason for ...

The consequences of war

This week, the exhibition The Shadow of War ends at the Artists' House and thus also the artist Thomas Kvam's digital monitoring of the image that forms the basis of his work in the exhibition. We talked to him.

Picture of the week 27-05-2015

The international art project "Ramallah – Trondheim Series" discusses photography, gender and cultural understanding through lectures, workshops, football exchange and an exhibition with various photographic series ....

Mathematical art

In the art market, originality and peculiarity is an artist's foremost capital. But what happens when an algorithm can calculate these properties better than the artist itself? 

Pussy Riot: "We're All Pioneers"

Censorship can be tricky, but it can also give the art an unintended explosive power.

In the bottom form

Some of the best works in art history have been created by artists who have been to institutions. Judith Scott was such an artist.

Keyboard and thought

Alexander Carnera merges writing and thinking together exemplarily. 

About despair and doom

INDIA: The Theater of Cruelty has just returned from India, where they participated in the 12th International Theater Festival in Kerala. We asked director Lars Øyno to reflect on their performance and experiences.