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Refugees: Art project stranded

Strong protests made Franco "Bifo" Berardi's planned performance Auschwitz on the Beach on Documenta 14 instead turned into poetry reading and panel debate.

An epic friendship

A new exhibition at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin shows the complicated relationship between the thinker Walter Benjamin and the poet Bertolt Brecht.

Jazz – Anarchy Music?

No conductor. No organizer. No composer. No boss. No archos. So anarchy. At the big festivals this summer, the common jazz language was exchanged.

When art opens eyes

The experience of the dynamics of contemporary art festival – the interaction between cultural and political statements and my physical and mental movement through it – remains as the most thought provoking. 

Surrealistic self-making

Interview: The Akademie der Künste archive in Berlin recently opened with an exhibition of German Ginka Steinwachs' installations. On that occasion, Ny Tid had a conversation with the surrealist poet.

Book crisis in Iran

The Iranians are reading less than ever. Why?

Artificial fertilized art

Kva grew up desirous of Norway's largest industrial adventure, asks artists who exhibit in Grenland in May.

Keyboard and thought

Alexander Carnera merges writing and thinking together exemplarily. 

When the statues speak  

Three statues – a goddess in New York, a prime minister in Tel Aviv and a Bolshevik in Moscow – have been thrown into political strife in their homelands, provoking fierce disagreements.

The sirens national anthem

The Sirens will revive their presence in a time of pixels and virtual reality.

The gravity of the grief

ESSAY on grief and cancer.

Movies from the East

Horror, anime, samurai film, experiment, costume drama, monster movie and softcore – all Japanese films are in tension between east and west.

Against the light of socialism

Nina Björk leads us through the fog of consumer power and identity politics, along with Rosa Luxemburg.

The escape from the common problems

Recently deceased Zygmunt Bauman is known for his grim social diagnoses. Where is the medicine? 

Post-Francoic stress syndrome

Nobel laureate Javier Marías writes strongly about Spain in the years following Franco.

Explosive and jargon-heavy about contemporary art

The metamorphoses of contemporary art are perhaps too interesting.

Stein Mehren – cultural radicals and romantic mystics

Stein Mehren is best known for his poems, but he also stands in a special position among Norwegian post-war secessionists: awake, contentious and with a keen look at current issues.

Idleness is the root of all art

The primal power can be found in amateur orchestras, rhymesmiths and trivial glossy pictures, Asger Jorn believed. A colorful explosive is finally available in Norwegian.

Extreme artist's mirror

Marina Abramovic's autobiography is as uncompromising and confrontational as her performance art.

Intimate portrait of an iconic photographer

The name Robert Mapplethorpe probably gets most people thinking about New York's bohemian life of the 1970 century, controversies and his homoerotic BDSM photographs that upset the public.

"Republican is the new cool"

In a stunt just before the US election, a right-wing populist writer staged himself as a punk and performance artist. This hijacking also got artists and hipsters to vote for Donald Trump.

Dada is dead, live Dada! 

Dada is 100 years. The small movement that created new meaning by tearing most of it into pieces has ideological and artistic successors everywhere – just looking around.

Can political theater change Gaza?

Political theater is booming in Gaza, which is thirsty for anything that can contribute to change.

Pussy Riot: "We're All Pioneers"

Censorship can be tricky, but it can also give the art an unintended explosive power.

An alternative public

The Chto Delat collective crosses the boundary between theater and academia, between aristocracy and proletariat, between you and me – and shows in practice that the absurd staged is the reality for many Russians.