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The competent amateur

The desire to be an amateur permeated not only the music and movies the artist Tony Conrad worked with, but also the way he lived. Now the movie about him can be seen daily over an extended period in Oslo this fall.

Photo book – an expanding language

The photo book fills a void that the digital viewing space cannot fill, and therefore becomes even more important for a generation flooded with images.

The banal emptiness of war 

It is the space of war – all that is beyond the sensational – Christoph Bangert shows us in his new project.

White trash

People look towards the lens, yet it is as if they would prefer to retreat and retreat to the courtyard, to the outfield, to the family, to the drug, to the church, to sleep.

A future cast in concrete

The elevated concrete is about to be erected – both architecturally and sculpturally.

Attempt to be alive 

What happens to the art of a time without permanence, where everyone is left to a floating, infinite space? 

Drone Dilla

Civil society must take ownership of the drone technology, says Anders Eiebakke, current with the exhibition Drones coming! 

In the bottom form

Some of the best works in art history have been created by artists who have been to institutions. Judith Scott was such an artist.

The critical power of self-portrait

In the selfie era, the staged self-portrait functions as political activism.

The Black Years

The flurry of dark forces and a polarizing political climate strike us when Hamburger Bahnhof exhibits art from the Nazi era.

Mathematical art

In the art market, originality and peculiarity is an artist's foremost capital. But what happens when an algorithm can calculate these properties better than the artist itself? 

First and foremost children

The exhibition Primarily the children of the photographer Rebacca Jafari is on display at Gallery F15, Jeløya, Moss, 3. – 17. April.

Five scenes from Berlin

Does the series of manifestations throughout history have validity today? After hearing the "chameleon" Cate Blanchett quote historical manifestations through various 13 characters, the answer is yes. 

The manifesto as an art form

The film installation Manifesto, which will be on display at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin these days, addresses some of the many paradoxes that stick to the manifesto genre – both in its political and artistic setbacks. 

Great moments of imperfection

Guttorm Nordø stages our experience of being in the world – as if we had just arrived.

Photographs extended in time

PHOTOGRAPHY: The most interesting thing about Fiona Tan's exhibition is the question of how the self is expressed through photographic images.

Room for thoughts on Syria: art and culture in troubled times

Today, we are witnessing a fragmentation of the Syrian people whose voices are spread throughout the world. What happens then ...

The geography of the hidden world

PHOTOGRAPHY: Over the past decades, American artist and geographer Trevor Paglen has focused the camera lens on the secret part of the defense industry – this huge apparatus that sees everything, but which itself tries to avoid being seen.

Brilliant on earth

Knight's review and criticism of Munch's art are both hysterically funny, well-written and in many ways apt. But historical art criticism can have dubious value when it is as wrong as this one.

A Nietzschean art history driven by historical forces

Aby Warburg's understanding of images has left traces. He anticipated the montage concept of Russian filmmakers, and has inspired writers and art historians. Recently, a lecture was given about him in Oslo.

Picture of the month

Tent camping at Langøyene has long traditions. For an ignorant tourist who visits the place during the daytime, the area can quickly look like a remarkable collection ...

Landscape without women

When the exhibition "The Magical North" opens in Helsinki, it is mainly male Norwegian artists that the audience can see.

Picture of the Week 17-06-2015

"Willy Bangsund is a local legend and wrestling coach in Sør-Varanger, who many in the local community believe should have long ago received a medal for the best peace work in ...

Dramatic for trouble – fiction or reality?

In a theater landscape where fiction is criticized and challenged – what makes one dictate what to say about reality?

Picture of the week 10-06-2015

For centuries, the distinction between rich and poor has led to polarization and experiences of lack of self-sufficiency. This is reproduced to this day in the divide ...