Theater of Cruelty

Touching other realities

Aina Villanger is one of several Norwegian poets recently translated and presented in Poland. How can Norwegian poetry influence and inspire a Polish audience?


Aina Villanger has written a collection of poems that will communicate, in a setting that is intimate and universal at the same time.

The real-life literature

Genuine and personal poetry collection from Eldrid Lunden.

Gay Kjærleik Songar

Isn't poetry the best when you get lost in the language, when you have to play with the concealed premise of an erratic poet, throw in the wild, and then recognize yourself in something unknown, something foreign, and yes, dangerous and threatening ?

Swedish states of mind

Johannes Anyuru's virtuoso novel asks deeply uncomfortable questions about the effects of counter-terrorism.

When the end is good, everything is great!

Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams were banished when they got married. Now their history is being used to uncover more abuses on the road to the self-determination of African colonial states.

Hedi's Arab Spring

A Tunisian generational uprising springs from a blood-curdling love story. Can this bring liberation further?

The passing of time 

Mia Hansen-Løve's new feature film Tomorrow's Day revolves around how political involvement changes over time, and adds to the series of her films about family dynamics and relationships. Here we give an overview of her films.

New poetry wars

Correspondent Letter: About the Arrogance of American Conceptual Poets in Racial Issues.

Manhattan's big bald – do we have him now?

Walt Whitman opened up the modern to a whole nation. Attempts to catch him once and for all become vain.

Inner and outer mazes

In Denis Villeneuve's universe, everything boils down to questions about what it is that makes us free – and what is what locks us inside.

One question of innocence

No one is guilty of the tragedy depicted in the White Sea. But no one is innocent either.

Organic grief work

Something in the world has run smoothly – something opaque, animalistic.

Meat with Frøy

Bokessay based on Knut Ødegård's Edda poems, volumes I – III (Cappelen Damm, 2013–2015) and Gerður Guðjónsdóttir's Blóðhófnir (Mál og menning, 2010) The veranda faces ...

30 – 40 Feet

In the thirties there is no prayer: this is where you will have to meet the little child again – what you lost somewhere along the way.

Poet, go into your time

Juliana Spahr has left the viewer's poem voice in favor of activist. But still, she is first and foremost a poet of relationships.

Misanthropic meditation

Breathe in, and exhale: Read Dragseth's new long poem aloud. It is a fair, a meditation, a poem that leaves you sleepless and troubled for the future of the globe and of humanity.

Bold text, open work. One poetics

POESI: Heart that stops beating is the narrator's pulse.

In the beginning was the beauty

ESSAY: I'm looking for the beauty of which I still have bodily memories. But where is it now?

Many faceted meetings in Moss

FESTIVAL: Europe is the theme when the Mill City Literature Festival is organized for the fifth time.

Close to evil

Literature and art can create understanding and comfort in the hopeless.

Five pictures and one letter

About Camilla Groths Somewhere out there I'm happy (Flame Forlag)


Scandinavian poetry readers with an interest in what is written outside the home regions do not come out of the Swedish journal OEI.