Theater of Cruelty

The gold from the victims of the Holocaust

FALSE: "Neutral" countries such as Sweden and Switzerland boasted of huge stolen gold revenues used by Hitler's Germany during World War II. The gold financed, among other things, the concentration camps' factories.

What happened to anti-Semitism?

FASCISM: Nazis attacked Jews, and they were therefore characterized as anti-Semitic – the cosmopolitan identity of the despised Jews. But what about Israel, which had carried out at least 2 extrajudicial killings? Menachem Begin and his group, which Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt described as fascists and terrorists, have ruled Israel for almost 700 years.

The Jerusalem Declaration on Anti-Semitism

TRANSLATED: We reproduce here the statement translated

Accused of being a "Jew hater"

INTERVIEW: "It's racism we need to talk about when we talk about anti-Semitism," Jeremy Corbyn told MODERN TIMES.


JOURNALISM: This time, MODERN TIMES reproduces two longer articles courtesy of the famous American Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist and activist Chris Hedges.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

(May 26, 2016): The following, non-legally binding working definition of anti-Semitism reads: “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews that can be expressed as hatred of Jews. Rhetorical ...

"My country's racist construction and actions"

RACISM: "My goal is for them not to be able to say they did not know," Gideon Levy told MODERN TIMES. This year he has been with the Denisraeli newspaper Haaretz for 40 years

A typical day in Sheikh Jarrah

JERUSALEM: I'm hit by a bucket of water, an apple, a rock. A glass bottle. A man turns the stereo fully on in my ear. I'm moving. I'm trying to write. A boy comes running and steals my pen. "Do you want coffee?" asks a man kindly. He throws me a cup.

Ukraine, Nazism and anti-Semitism

NAZI:  No one should be in doubt about their values: white, male power, and will and ability to violence. As expressed: "the condemned Jew is crushed."

The post that was denied was taken in by Vårt Land

Will Erstad say the same about "Israeli Jews"?

We look at two definitions of anti-Semitism

NEW STATEMENT: Supporting Israel for better or worse (as through the IHRA's definition, next page) seems more important than the fight against racism. The Jerusalem Declaration is a timely alternative.

To criticize Israel

ANTI-SEMITISM: The starting point for this post is a comment to the newspaper Vårt Land which was not accepted by the newspaper's debate editor.

Israel's contempt for the UN

INTERVIEW: After six years, Canadian lawyer Michael Lynk is leaving his post as UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

To wipe out a people

LUBYA: "A boost to Palestinian culture in Israel is a contribution to anti-Semitism," said Jewish Rona Sela, an Israeli curator at Tel Aviv University.

IBM and Ford in Hitler's service

If you have visited the Center for Studies of #Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo, you have probably noticed the installation at the entrance – it lights up ...

No, they are not anti-Semites

ANTI-SEMITISM: Activists such as Loach and Corbyn want a historic settlement with the West's colonial intervention in other parts of the world. Also Israel's apartheid. This has been counteracted by campaigns that blacken them as anti-Semitic.

Israel's struggle in American universities

ANTI-SEMITTISM: Shabby attempts to equate any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism? There are a number of examples of sanctions being imposed on Palestinian student (rights) groups across the United States.