Bulletproof leather vest for sale

A while ago, a man was executed in front of the front door of my apartment. It turned into a small note in the newspaper, cleverly placed along with sales ads for pocket firearms and bulletproof windows for the car.

One mini-nuclear action in the streets of London

23. November was the 10th year since Alexandr Litvinenko died of polonium poisoning. 

Congo is still the heart of darkness

The turmoil is mounting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there really should have been presidential elections these days. In few places is the crisis of global capitalism more present than here.

When the enemy is an apple tree in bloom

After the Chernobyl accident, the world became new. Suddenly, the enemy was no longer a soldier with weapons, but lay hidden in jam and cat fur that stroked his leg. We learned to fear our own things and the air we breathed in. But how do we understand an enemy we cannot see? 

An alternative public

The Chto Delat collective crosses the boundary between theater and academia, between aristocracy and proletariat, between you and me - and shows in practice that the absurd staged is the reality for many Russians.

Iraq: Ferris wheel and big politics

Rarely have I seen such high density of amusement parks, and rarely have I experienced such a strained silence.

On the road in Italy

Forget Terracina's picturesque back streets and alleys - the journey begins with full throttle on the Italian motorway.

The bridge to Vatnamýri is swimming

Andri Snær Magnason fought the ducks' case in Iceland. He did not become president. But his climate numbers fell into good soil, and have started a new type of environmental consciousness.

To droyma. To think.

What are the true adventures of the Faroe Islands?

A wonderful city, a sad city

Beirut: The disaster has its own logic - slow, slow, people live their lives. How does a crisis appear? What signs should we learn to read? And what does it mean to write in a time like now?

Iceland: The bubbles that burst

In 2008, the illusion of a strong Icelandic economy burst. In April, the people were betrayed by the state leadership, again.

As friends stand and look out over the fjord

Tor shakes in the Nordic Arts Center Dale. The village is nevertheless a standing proof that man will always be nature lovers. Quite natural.

Cape Town - the freedom town in the rainbow country

This winter, a racist debate exploded in South African media. Visiting Cape Town is like standing at a crossroads where the ghosts of the apartheid era meet progressive values.

Art and squash cabbage

Is the ecocritical author a prolific breed?

An illusion of freedom

Dubai facilitates a comfortable, lethargic lifestyle - at least just comfortable enough to avoid a proliferation of fertile culture.

A golden, green landscape

Romania offers more than corruption, poverty and architectural remains of Ceausescu's great madness - for example, divinity, national feast and optimism.

To stroll through Via Appia's side streets

SOUTH ITALY TRAVEL SESSAY: Terracina's winding stairs and streets are full of cultural history, weeds, crooked cobblestones and wading lizards - and it is not always good to know if they lead to the purgatory, Rome or the resort's umbrellas.

The cabbage crisis policy

TRAVEL LETTER: When the state does not seize those who fall outside, it is good that Americans have God - and cabbage.

The center of the world lies in Sunnfjord

Artist mobility seems to be a good thing for both the traveler and the city he travels to.

The town's throaty rope

TRAVEL LETTER: It's not for nothing that this is the most mythologized city in the world, and perhaps one of the most fussy.

The refugees Norway will not help where they are

Far in the north of Syria, the terrorist group ISIS has gone through one defeat after another. Kurdish defense forces are on the offensive against the new ISIS fascism.

I don't like to travel

I don't like to travel; I kept saying that I cannot claim to travel, but that is exaggeration; it is...

Desoxification of environmental protection

There was a time when people talked about making climate issues sexy. In Reykjavik, poetry is enough to arouse commitment and attention.

Fear and loathing in liquid Las Vegas

Parliament's Question Time: Erna Solberg promises measures on refugee crisis in the Mediterranean: "Norway will ship." Norwegian Cruise Line leaves Barcelona for weeks.

Afghanistan's forgotten conflict

In the shadow of the war between Afghan and international forces, hundreds of years of conflict between poor peasants and displaced nomads continues. The Afghan Committee has visited one of the villages the world has forgotten.