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Burning hearts

The portraits of people who act and act when others do not, arouse hope in the hopeless. (Stream of the month to our subscribers).

Benjamin T. Lynerd: Republican Theology

The idea of ​​the Bible ruling over people's everyday lives and social and public life still lays a governing hand over the Republican Party in the United States. 

Two books on Ukraine

To understand the complicated and serious situation that is taking place in the heart of Europe, Richard Sakwa's Frontline Ukraine should be a preferred choice.

Revolutionary daydreams and western accident tourism

In Brazil, global problems and opportunities are very visible, both in terms of racial conflicts, environmental politics and the distribution of goods. A trip to South America's largest country can therefore provide an exemplary insight into the global contemporary.

Russian nuclear weapons in Crimea?

Former political prisoner and dissident Mustafa Dzhemilev tells Ny Tid about the fight against the occupation of Crimea, his relationship with Russia and why he received the Nansen Medal. Today, he is the political leader of the 280 Crimean Tatar ethnic group. 

Fear of civil war

Ukraine's literary shooting star Serhij Zjadan believes the country's political leadership has failed society. It may cause more blood in the streets of Kiev.

Military division of power in Myanmar

Despite Aung San Suu Kyi's landslide victory in the November parliamentary elections, she is forced to share power with the military – and that could be her biggest challenge.

Eye to eye – and the world goes blind

Mahatma Gandhi never received the Nobel Peace Prize he should have had. His teachings in non-violent conflict management have been and are a great inspiration to many, but are not so widely used by top politicians. 

The most serious stories

With the death of Ståle Eskeland the 26. December 2015, Norway has lost an important alternative voice in foreign and security policy. 

It is possible to protect children from war participation

The recruitment of children and youth from the refugee population in Jordan to the armed conflict in Syria shows some of the special protection needs that are being ...

Chechens gather in protest

For the first time in several years, Chechens gathered to demonstrate in front of the Storting and outside the Russian embassy: "That the regime is getting worse and that Ny Tid and the Norwegian media are now writing about this means that we are gathering," says one of the protesters. 

"We could have sent people to persecution and torture"

Researcher Erling Krogh participated as a member of the appeals committee for asylum cases: "The information we received from the Immigration Appeals Board about the situation in Chechnya was very deficient, and could have led to us sending people to their deaths."

On the way to genocide?

Norwegian authorities must decide what role they want to play in Burundi: violence is increasing, and trends from the massacres in neighboring Rwanda are repeating. The West is also responsible for increasing ethnic conflicts.

Norway is increasing arms exports to the Middle East

Norway has increased arms exports to dictatorships that pursue an aggressive foreign policy. The rules for Norwegian arms exports state that Norwegian exports of military equipment shall not occur ...

Was it Russia? – Ukraine is sued

Why is Borge Brende so confident that it was Russia that shot down the Malaysian passenger plane in 2014? 

Patrick Cockburn: The Rise of the Islamic State

A book about ISIS that has a military more than a religious focus.

Escande and Cassini: Bienvenue dans le capitalisme 3.0

It is long before the sharing economy gives sounding coins in the common fund.

Movies that speak into the world

The European Film Prize LUX can be interpreted as a propagandistic EU project – but perhaps the prize also contains a way to activate the cinematic arts and increase the chance that the films can contribute to the ongoing social debate.

The violence of silence

Four women are fighting to break the silence of the past in the war-torn country of Chechnya.

Carsten Juhl and others: Je suis Charlie – ainsi suit-il

"War politics and constitutional ethnocracy in Denmark or the Party of Freedom of Expression – which is party to Islam"

John-Andrew McNeish and others: Contested Powers

Contested Powers, with case studies from Latin America, shows how energy resources and political power are interconnected.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: Between the World and Me

Ta-Nehisi Coates fills the American dream, showing that individual responsibility helps little in the face of structural racism. 

Understanding Putin's Russia

With the tense situation in Europe and the Middle East, books that increase our understanding of Russia are more important than ever.

When terrorism threatened Europe

The documentary A German Youth tells the story of the Baader-Meinhof group exclusively through archive clips. It does not make the parallels to today's news picture less obvious. 

Bengt Jangfeldts: A Russian History

Ole Robert Sunde follows folk artist Bengt Jangfeldt's futuristic journey along the Soviet 1970 century.