Theater of Cruelty

Magnitsky Acts alternative facts 

Ny Tid has reviewed official Russian investigations, autopsy reports and police interrogations and checked the facts against the message in The Magnitsky Act. The allegations in the film are in direct contrast to the Russian authorities' own findings. 

The economy is collapsing

Economic collapse always leads to economic state of emergency – from the fall of the Roman Empire to today's civil war-like conditions in Venezuela. 

Inadequate health care

A large number of suicide attempts, frequent use of isolation and lack of psychiatric follow-up: The health service at Trandum faces both concern and criticism.

"Ask Vadsø"

Bård Wormdal's book The spy base tells of a Norway that really matters for the power game.


It is a long time since vegetarianism was a special subculture. Today, it is rather something we should all seriously consider.

Solidarity project starts in Norway

A broad solidarity campaign with the Greek people has got an uplifting start, according to the LO leader.