Theater of Cruelty


Password: Syria

A female role model

New Year, New possibilities. About 17 years ago, British Charlotte Horton left her home country and went to Italy, where she has spent time rebuilding Potentino Castle. We talk about ecological life and local traditions, but also about democracy and micropolitics.

Johan Galtung: How is Norway going?

How independent and critical can one be? In Part 2 of the double interview with Johan Galtung, we talk about Norway's relationship with the United States, Sweden, Muslims, anarchism and Marxism.

The emergence of totalitarianism

New forms of totalitarianism are very relevant today, and thus the philosopher Hannah Arendt.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

MOVIE OF THE MONTH: Anyone who thinks that under certain circumstances it may be morally right to support a tyrannical regime should watch this film.

Lies can get him sentenced to life

Norway will now extradite genocide accused Eugene Nkuranyabahizi to Rwanda, where he risks life imprisonment. Ny Tid can document that witness after witness speaks untruth, yet they are believed by both Kripos and the Norwegian judiciary.

USA: The debate that never took place

Media: It is actually possible to discuss what really happened on the 11. September 2001 – in a sober way.

Back to Utopia

Utopia inspired both communism and utopian socialism.

energy Revolution

It is crucial to help the people wake up and take matters into their own hands if we want the globe to survive, says Carl A. Fechner. 

Wrongly accused of genocide?

Norway will extradite Eugene Nkuranyabahizi to Rwanda, who accuses him of genocide. Now Ny Tid can reveal that several of the witnesses say they gave false testimonies.

«Norwegian authorities lack spine»

The situation in Yemen is worrying. Nevertheless, Norway still sells weapons to the parties. "I am shocked at the scale of serious war crimes committed by warring parties," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a recent report on children and armed conflict. 

The Witnesses write

A writing course for the elderly offers constant surprises, a fearless clarity and concise, precise wording. Ny Tid reproduces here several texts from some of the most recent witnesses from World War II.

How many nuclear weapons can withstand the globe? 

We live in a world where a large number of nuclear weapons are ready to be fired. But what does a film artist like Peter Greenaway have to say about it?

Wild Plants: (streaming for subscribers)

New eco-documentary gives an artistic look at how we can all live a wild and organic life.

Mathematical art

In the art market, originality and peculiarity is an artist's foremost capital. But what happens when an algorithm can calculate these properties better than the artist itself? 

NATO is criticized for "distorted and dishonest" documentary

Professor Richard Sakwa believes that NATO is conducting pure propaganda in a new documentary about the fire in Odessa two years ago, which took 42 lives.

Mahmud's Escape (streaming!)

It is deeply poignant to come close to Mahmoud's family during the flight from Syria to Switzerland. Even the life-threatening inflatable boat ride over icy seas has been documented – with a small mobile camera.

The documentary filmmaker who had learned the lesson say

Revealing documentary about Kadyrov's Chechnya, or propaganda film in favor of Putin's Russia? Our reviewer thinks the latter.

Spontaneously abducted, handcuffed and naked

Pregnant Mithel Ghaneem spontaneously aborted when the police came to send her out of Norway. For three days after the spontaneous abortion, she was put on the plane out of Norway with bleeding in her abdomen. 

Spiritual DNA

What is the place of our life stories in the big context?

A chaos of lies

What is it like to have lived a life as a reporter and NRK correspondent? On the occasion of the book of the guilty, we talk to him about Norway as a friend of Israel, about the massacre in Sabra and Shatila and about Norwegian diplomacy.

The Babylon, Haunted and Disorient documentaries

Between 21. September and 4. October, the Internet-based viewing platform Doc Alliance Films focused on films about refugees. Here are some of them.

Asbjørn Aarnes – a life

An 24 minute portrait of Aarnes (1923 – 2013), about life, relationship with God, a life after that, and the meaning of it all. Also about the ...

20 years after the Oslo Accords: Being an Israeli ambassador to Norway

20 years after the Oslo Accords, we meet Israel's ambassador, Raphael Schutz, to a conversation about the criticism Israel is exposed to in Norway. What does the wall, the country's militarism and its enmity mean? And will the hatred between Jews and Palestinians ever find a future solution?

"We tell ourselves and each other stories to survive"

Interview: Ny Tid met director Joachim Trier before the premiere of his new film Louder Than Bombs, to talk about what experiences and what thinking it takes to make quality films.