Theater of Cruelty

Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the Louvre

In the music video for the single "Apes ** t", the iconic pop idols challenge the expected way Africans have been viewed throughout history. But the couple are not the first to choose the Louvre as their location to mark their own success.

- We cannot just call Russia an enemy

Women have taken a bigger place in the Armed Forces in recent years. What does a young female soldier think about Norway's role in the much-talked about NATO exercise?

- There is no contradiction between the peace movement, the Home Defense or the Defense

MODERN TIMES is on the scene, asking Home Guard soldiers who participated in the Trident Juncture exercise in Central Norway recently, why they joined the military and their relationship with war.

On walking in today's Europe

Fabian Göranson paints a melancholy and loving portrait of a continent that is still alive in the past, but desperately looking for a viable future.

A tool that is over 150 years old

Photo Phnom Penh in Cambodia has made its mark in the photo festival landscape in Southeast Asia since its inception nine years ago. The festival is free and brings the art to the public space.

Stories from a shaky welfare state

Something is rotten in the welfare state of Denmark – yes, in all the Nordic countries, says the photo agency Moment Agency.

MODERN TIMES: Journalist seeks truth

September 11st: What happened to the Norwegian public when MODERN TIMES wrote about 9/11? See the debate that followed.


Password: Syria

Children on the run

On the border between Greece and Macedonia, the Al Bakri family lives in a makeshift tent camp. They have fled from the hell of the war in Syria, to the hell of refugee existence in Europe. What do you do when the only thing you own is hope?

On the Ruins of a Dream

Password: 0987

Making Sense Together

Password: movie
West of the Jordan River

"Peace can be made by the worst enemies"

West of the Jordan River is Gita's first return to the occupied Palestinian territories since the documentary Field Diary from 1982. His latest film depicts how both Palestinians and Israelis are trying to cope with the effects of the occupation.
the former Yugoslavia

In the entrance to Yugoslavia's past

Hotel Yugoslavia appears as a reflection of Yugoslavia's greatness and fall – symbolized by the once magnificent and luxurious hotel in the capital of the country that ceased to exist.

A story of freedom

The film is able to rise above its given theme and to be critical of the consumer society's projected demands on the "man". 

The power of vanity

Nicolas Wadimoff's portrait of his old teacher, the Swiss intellectual and revolutionary Jean Ziegler, tries to test beliefs against reality.

An ordinary clown for ordinary people

What is Petra Seliškar's documentary about the Slovenian poet Ježek really about?

Romania's harsh realities

This well-made film about two women in the cybersex industry is neither the well-known story of the exploitation of Eastern European women, nor the soft porn disguised as a documentary.

To imprison a director

The doubts surrounding the guilt issue appear in the dialogue between director Askold Kurov and Vladimir Putin: It is not even clear what crimes Oleg Sentsov should have committed.

Black air and a new sun

Two widely different Canadian documentaries both delve into the relationship between energy and the environment.

No way back

Filmmaker Alfoz Tanjour shouldered the considerable task of documenting what happens beyond the tragedy of the war, in the private rooms of a population that has been suppressed by the Assad regime over the past 50 years.

Odin's theater soldiers

Filmmaker Elsa Kvamme has previously taught at Eugenio Barba. Now his Odin Theater has celebrated 50 years, and Kvamme has returned – this time with the camera in hand.

That's how one American sees it

After 20 years of activist film work, American Travis Wilkerson can tell us something about war, racism and activism. And about the use of a radical form of expression.

The Chinese dream

Based on the urbanization boom in China, the documentary Dream Empire paints a picture of the absurd and almost dreamlike state in which we live.

The General and the Poet

VIETNAM. The search for meaning in something as meaningless as war will inevitably have to invoke the ability of poetry to form meaning. A documentary that took 30 years to make. And with music by Philip Glass.