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China's urban development

China Lab Guide to Megablock Urbanism
TOWN PLANNING / The eco-city is part of the innovation in China. From block, super block to mega block and eco block? Here we get an analysis of the years after Deng Xiaoping's "reform and openness policy".

In August, President Xi Jinping launched a "cultural war" emphasizing the needs of ordinary people as opposed to those of the elites. The "war" started in 2020 with attacks on the private business sector – especially property developers, landowners and "big tech". This autumn, the spotlight is on culture, education and entertainment: No to American "sissy tv". Faced with destabilizing factors such as inequality and the environmental crisis, President Xi Jinping needs to consolidate power. Covid-19 has also left its mark. He wants to promote the shift from an elitist, capitalist system to a more popular, socialist one – among other things by strengthening the independence of trade unions and removing hated work. . .

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Erik Berg
Erik Berg worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / NORAD from 1978 to 2013. He now heads Habitat Norway.

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