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Kinshasa's "perpetual theater"

CONGO: Four filmmakers find new ways to tell Kinshasa's story. They look to the city's performance artists, who turn the legacy of the colonial era upside down.

Faire-Part is a film about the capital of Congo, Kinshasa, and about the city's performance artists, who use the capital as an opportunity space to confront and rewrite its history (s). They take matters into their own hands and refuse to let the legacy of colonial times and colonialism distort the truth or get the last word when it comes to defining the citizens' identity.

The artists' gripping and multifaceted interventions are documented by four filmmakers: two Congolese (Paul Shemisi and Nizar Saleh) and two Belgian (Anne Reijniers and Rob Jacobs). Together they work to find a new way to present Kinshasa. They have "a common past", it is said, "and therefore also a common present". Their different perspectives on Congo as a former Belgian colony provide a new basis for. . .

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Carmen Gray
Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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