The ecocentric man

NATURE: Conversation portrait with author Erland Kiøsterud about our ecological responsibility.

Conversation portrait in MODERN TIMES with author Erland Kiøsterud about our ecological responsibility - a 27 min short film in connection with Kiøsterud's essay Everything we love is transient, fleeting, temporary in MODERN TIMESS winter edition.

A philosophical conversation about our relationship with nature. Do we have anything to learn about ecological thinking from a Chinese understanding of reality, and do we have a similar thinking in the West - with philosophers like Martin Heidegger and Deleuze & Guattari?

Read the essay here.

Truls Lie
Editor-in-Chief of MODERN TIMES. See previous articles by Lie i Le Monde diplomatique (2003–2013) and Morgenbladet (1993-2003) See also part video work by Lie here.

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