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Love the monster

Four Futures: Life After Capitalism
Forfatter: Peter Frase
Forlag: Verso Books (USA)
"We have no choice but to love the monster we created ourselves," says social-science-fiction writer Peter Frase. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Political utopia has long been deferred, and the utopia's defenders referred to the sham hook from which they could write sentences from The Black Book of Communism and enumerate their share in everything from Stalin's to Pol Pot's crimes. But today, just four decades after Margaret Thatcher popularized the famous neoliberal "There Is No Alternative" doctrine in the XNUMXs, we can once again witness an opening of the political horizon and a reactivation of utopian imagination. The openly destructive rampage of capitalism in terms of climate, nature and people has meant a huge dent in the mirror-smooth surface of neoliberal ideology. Many, especially younger people, have difficulty recognizing themselves in the notion that capitalism is without real political alternatives. The historical settlement of neoliberalism has spawned a stream of literature that more or less openly acknowledges a neo-Marxist orientering against utopia. One of the most recent shots at the stem of political future literature is Peter Phrase's book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, published. . .

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