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Love of the world

A third way. Not to the right, not to the left, but towards a more just and sustainable future
Forfatter: Arne Øgaard
Forlag: Vidarforlaget (Norge)
Arne Øgaard wants to make the reader aware of the big questions of the time and inspire to a higher level of political conversation.

It is 07.45, and P2's Political Quarter is buzzing in the kitchen. Suddenly my daughter looks up from the morning porridge and says, "Why do they humiliate each other like that?" I couldn't help but nod as this happened one morning a while back. I was happy with the linguistic level that was expelled, but most of all I felt that she hit the nail on the head. If you are not very politically interested, political debates sometimes feel like rhetorical breaks.
This may be the fault of the media, as much as the politicians. But regardless: It is only to be welcomed that Vidarforlaget strikes with a discussion book. . .

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Andrew P. Kroglund
Kroglund is a critic and writer. Also Secretary General of BKA (Grandparents' Climate Action).

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