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Class struggle or nationalism?

Le fond de l'air est jaune. Comprendre une révolte inédite
Forfatter: Joseph Confavreux
Forlag: (Seuil)
YELLOW VEST / The speed with which Macron burns out shows how deep a crisis the national democracies in Europe are in.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

At the end of November 2018, France has been the scene of widespread protests,
which raises very fundamental questions about the political-economic system in
the country. And there is nothing to seriously suggest that the protests do not
continues. The state and the Macron government are doing what they can to prevent
the protests. The anti-insurgency regime has been completely screwed up – 12 people have
lost their lives in clashes with police, more than 1800 protesters have been injured,
of which about 100 seriously, and it is now forbidden to demonstrate in certain
areas in Paris, Toulouse, Nice and Bordeaux and in 12 other cities.

At the same time, Macron has been forced to
stage a large-scale debate series around France where he has
conversed with elected mayors, young people and intellectuals. The hour-long
debates that have been shown live on French television do not seem to have worked,
but merely confirmed the image of politics. . .

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Mikkel Bolt
Professor of political aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.

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