The climate, it's us

Greta Thunberg is not a lone cool in environmental activism. Another is the Swedish climate activist Bo Thorén from Fossil Free Dalsland and one of the initiators of the activist group Extinction Rebellion in Sweden. Two others are the Belgian youth and climate activists Anuna De Wever and Kyra Gantois. 17 year-old Anuna De Wever is behind the biggest youth uprising in Belgium since the 1960 century, and she has led some of the biggest European climate protest marches of recent times. "The strongest text on climate I have ever read," writes the Head of the Future in our hands, Anja Bakken Riise, in the preface to the book.

An article in the member magazine of The Future in Our Hands says that more than 65 Belgians marched through the streets of Brussels just before the Christmas holidays in 000 – the largest climate march in the country's history. A few days after the climate strike, the country's Belgian delegation of top politicians landed in Katowice, Poland, where the big climate summit. . .

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